AJBA Updates – Shae’ Doucet

IMG_6215Hey guys this is Shae’ Doucet, your 2015-2016 AJBA Treasurer & TJBA President from Texas. I have been around Brahman cattle my entire life and, in my opinion, there is no other breed that can compare. I am a senior at Hamshire-Fannett High School, located in a rural area where Brahman cattle are extremely important! They are the only breed that can survive in our marsh and swampy areas. Through speaking contests, showmanship, and just meeting new people, this organization has helped me succeed in FFA and taught me important life lessons I will use forever.

To anyone not involved in the Brahman breed, I highly encourage you to get steppin', because you will not regret what this organization will do for you or the bond you will make with your Brahman! To the youth of the Brahman organization, you are in the right place and this organization will give you the opportunity to do something great! And lastly to the parents, this is the best activity you can put you kids in. It teaches us responsibility, integrity, business skills, and most importantly how to work hard! I look forward to getting to know and seeing everyone down the road!

Shae' Doucet