Australia Presents The Beef Industry Transformations After Brahman Usage

One of the attractions of the XV World Brahman Congress that will be held, for the first time in Brazil, between October 17 and 24, in Uberaba/MG, will be the example of the Australian meat chain productive structure as well as the Brahman breed contribution to meat cattle in that country, one of the greatest bovine meat producers in the world.

The subject will be addressed during the conference “The impact of the Brahman cattle in the Australian meat industry”, on October 22 at 10:30 AM, by the breeder and Australian Brahman Breeders Association council member, Rodger Jefferis.

Rodger has always been involved with Brahman. His father introduced the first Brahman cattle at “Elrose”, his property at the Northwest of Queensland, in the middle of 1950, when Rodger was only a child. Today Elrose has the biggest Brahman herd evaluated by  Breedplan Genetic Improvement Program.Simultaneously, Rodger withholds a commercial flock with more than 20,000 Brahman animals for meat production in 5 properties spread by Queensland North and Center. He competed successfully in the main judgment tracks, in carcass competitions and commercial cattle, winning also the “Pen of Grass Fed Steers” championship, at the Australian Meat Exposition in Rockhampton, in 2009.

Jefferis conference will enclose the beef industry transformation at the north of Australia, since Brahman was imported in 1933 and its aiming change. He will also speak on the position that Brahman has currently in the Australian industry, including an analysis on the national flock and its markets; the reasons for the success, including the scientific research, the genetic improvement and carcass quality increase; the selection for productivity increase and the way adopted to make the market most sustainable; adaptability to the Australian North extensive areas; what will take the breed ahead and the future challenges; and new technologies encircled , among others subjects.

“I believe in the importance of this information interchange on the Brahman breeding in different countries. The opportunity to exchange knowledge, abilities and experiences is exciting and help us to prepare for the challenges that we face in this competitor market”,  afirms Rodger Jefferis.

The Australian has already participated on two World Brahman Congresses of the Race held in Australia, plus one in Colombia, in 2006 and in the 2008.

Rodger has already been in Brazil. He visited ExpoZebu in 2005 and, in another occasion, he was jury during ExpoBrahman 2008. “I´ve sold some doses of semen to Brazil, and I hope to have the possibility to see these lineages competing during my visit”, he says.

House Of Brahman Is Near To Be Concluded
The open house will be during the XV World Brahman Congress

The Associação dos Criadores de Brahman do Brazil (ACBB) will soon have a permanent own office at ABCZ´s Fernando Costa Park, in Uberaba/MG. The House of Brahman building works started on June of this year and is already getting closer to the final stage.

According to the responsible engineer, Alfredo Freire Neto, approximately 70% of the workmanship is already concluded. All the armed concrete structure, masonry and foundation have already been finished. From this week on, the electric and hydraulic installations start to be concluded, as well as the covering, plastering and painting. At this beginning of September we have started the  finishing phase.

The House of Brahman is being built in an area of approximately 172 square meters, in a privileged place of the park, located in front of the judgment track. The building will have two floors, and besides sheltering the Association Administrative Headquarters, it will dispose an area for the members associated to follow the judgments during the expositions held during the year, as well as the Brahman Griffe sales room, a Gourmet Space and a Business Room.

The House of Brahman is planned to be finished at the beginning of October of this year. The new headquarters will be inaugurated during the XV World Brahman Congress, which will be held for the first time in Brazil, between October 17 and 24. The building commission responsible is composed by the association members: Alexander Coccapieller Ferreira, Manoel Alfonso de Almeida Filho and Moisés Fernandes Campos. The Project was sponsored by Brahman Canaã, being accompanied by architect Gisele Terra Lustre.

The members interested in participating on the House of Brahman building can still contribute. Please contact the Association by phone number: (55)(34) 3336-7326.

Living Animal Stands At The World Brahman Congress Will Be Show Windows For Brahman Breeding Farms
Fernando Costa Park central avenue, stage of important farming expositions held in Uberaba, will be transformed into an important business center during the XV World Brahman Congress, that happens between October 17 and 24, for the first time in Brazil.

In the place, stands with living animals from the main Brazilian Brahman breeders will be concentrated. These living stands will function as a show window for these breeding  farms, also serving as  an office, where the bearers may receive partners and visits from interested people.

Besides an office structure, in these living stands the responsible breeder will be able to display up to nine animals of the breeding. Casa Branca Agropastoril has already reserved pavilion 11 to display its products. Agropecuária Leopoldino and Brahman Lynx will be together in pavilion 12, while Brahman Conquista will be in pavilion 13. Agropecuárias Santa Tereza, Esperanza, Rancho 55 and J4 will be together in pavilion 16. Fazenda Imperial will be there too, in pavilion 15.

Those breeders interest on acquiring a living stand space still have until the end of September to book the place. Living stands at the World Congress are being sold by Paulo Cerantola, by phones (11) 6205-0969/3825-1856. Additional information by email:

ABCDorper Carries  Through National Exposition During World Brahman Congress
The Associação Brasileira de Criadores de Dorper (ABCDorper) promotes between October 15 and 24, during the XV World Brahman Congress, in Uberaba/MG, their 4th National Dorper and White Dorper Exposition,  which will be held on October 15 and 24, 2010

During the congress, the two ovine breeds will have a differentiated area, with exclusive space with bays, judgment tracks and stands of breeders and area companies. Also, judgments and auctions will be carried through. Each breeder or expositor will be able to inscribe up to 28 Dorper animals and 28 White Dorper animals to participate on the judgment, and  to display a higher number of animals. The entrance of the ovine participating on the exposition will be carried through on October 15 and 16, from 8 AM on.

The animals weighting and admission will be on October 16 and 17, from 07h30. The animals judgment happens between October 19 and 24 .

The punctuation system shall be adopted at the judgment with 03 juries and the participation of international juries from South Africa, Namibiaand Australia. The judgment will be carried through in accordance to the of Dorper and White Expositions Regulation available at the

Between October 21 and 23 of, there will be  auctions of matrices and reproducers of  Dorper and White Dorper breeds

Check The Judgments Program:
October 19: White Dorper breed at 2 PM
October 20: White Dorper at 07h30 AM
October 21: White Dorper  at 07h30 AM and Dorper breed at 2 PM
October 22: Dorper breed at  07h30 AM
October 23: Dorper breed at  07h30 AM
October 24: Great Championship of White Dorper and Dorper Males and Females at 10 AM

Alta Genetics Makes Presentation And Bulls Parade During World Congress
Reference in bovine genetics, Alta Genetics will be one of the attractions in the farm tours routes of the XV World Brahman Congress, between October 17 and 24, in Uberaba/MG. The company will receive the congressmen visit in the morning of October 20, when a brief presentation of the Center and a Brahman bulls parade will be held.

In this parade, the following bulls will be presented: Big Lark POI 129, Mr. IMA POI 78, Mr. Querença 2346, Mr. Querença 2945, Mr. Querença 3000, Mr. Santa Fé 114, Mr. V8 920/5, Azau da Canaã, GES Houston 1048, Mr. Ima 5, Mr. OXO FIV 894, Mr. BR 77 0096 FIV, Mr. BR 77 133 FIV, Mr. Beer Tinajas 636, Calton, JDH Sampson de Manso, among others. In the same day, a parade of Dorper animals will be held.

About The Company
With headquarters in the city of Uberaba, Alta is present in all national territory through a net of 66 regional offices, which count on the support of a field team with more than 500 professionals. Believing in the Brazilian internal market potential, the company invested in the construction of the most modern Production and Semen Technology Center in Latin America. As a result of this investment and the quality standard recognized by the market, the company commercialized in 2008 more than 2 million doses of semen than in 2009. The company is located at the highway BR 050 - km 164 (Uberaba - Uberlandia direction).