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Hall of Fame Induction Speech for Bubba Hudgins, given by Dinah Weil

  Dinah Weil, ABBA Recording Secretary from 1976-1989 and owner of HK Cattle Company, gave the Hall of Fame induction speech for Bubba Hudgins at the Annual Membership meeting. It was an awesome piece of Brahman history written in honor of a very deserving Brahman breeder and promoter!     “The word legendary is used […]

ABBA Performance Awards and Recognitions

Each year the American Brahman Breeders Association recognizes top performing animals in the areas of performance and showring accomplishment. To be considered a Maternal Merit Award Cow a cow must have calved before her 36th month of age. In addition she must have had three calves with performance records and these calves must have been […]

2011-2012 Abba Premier Show Animals of the Year

Congratulations to those who were awarded the title of Premier Show Animal!

88th Annual ABBA Membership Meeting Committee Reports Recap

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 • Houston, TX The ABBA’s 88th Annual Membership Meeting was held Wednesday, February 29, 2012 in front of a packed meeting room at the Reliant Center. The meeting was attended not only by a large number of domestic breeders but also by a sizeable delegation of international guests. During the meeting, […]


These are the Top 5 Leading Show Animals of the Year (7/1/2011 through 1/17/2012) Gray Show Bull Of The Year Standings Name Owner Points BNA Bar Drake 411/0 SG Cattle Company/Barney Joe Allen 45 Above photo – BNA Bar Drake 411/0 JDH Roma Manso 713/1 Rex W. Hudgins 40 Above photo – JDH Roma Manso […]

ABBA Recognizes individuals for their Service & Dedication

The ABBA will recognize the following individuals during the 2011 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo for their Service and Dedication.

ABBA Sire Summary – Winter 2011 Update

The ABBA has just released the Winter 2011 EPD and Sire Summary. Three reports are available to be printed.

Trait Leaders

Click here to view the Trait Leaders pdf.