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2017 ABBA International Sale Catalog

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2016 World Brahman Congress – Australia

Our Venue Rockhampton, Queensland is recognised as the “Beef Capital of Australia”. Situated on the Tropic of Capricorn, Rockhampton is a thriving provincial city with a population of over 75,000 people. The region surrounding Rockhampton boasts a cattle population of over 2.5 million head, higher than any similar region in Australia. Rockhampton is the host […]

Brahman World News

UNITED STATES Auction Will be Held in Houston for a South African Safari A South African Safari will be auctioned off during the International Brahman Sale by the ABBA Research & Breed Improvement Committee. The auction will be held on Wednesday, March 4th at 6:30 PM. One hunter and one observer will enjoy a seven […]

Brahman World News

UNITED STATES Texas A&M Beef Cattle Short Course The 59th Texas A&M Beef Cattle Short Course is scheduled August 4-6 at Texas A&M University in College Station. Weather outlook and a cattle market outlook are two of the featured topics to be discussed during the general session scheduled August 4th. Visit to learn more. […]

The World Brahman Federation Meeting and Conference in Guayaquil, Ecuador

The World Brahman Federation held their conference and meetings October 9th through the 13th in Guayaquil, Ecuador. The 70th anniversary AGLYG Brahman show was held 12th in conjunction with the World Assembly meetings. Committee organizers of the 2013 World Brahman Federation were Lorens Olsen Pons, President, Carlos Javier Andrade, Vice-President, Enrique Baquerizo, General Manger and […]

Europe Introduced to Polled Brahmans

David Andrews of Andrews Polled Brahmans presented a Polled Brahman statue to Nando Hauck and Sylvia Opitz of Hauck-OpitzGbR for their promotion of Polled Brahmans in Europe. Denmark will soon have it’s very own Brahman herdbook thanks to Hauck-OpitzGbR for selling Brahman cattle, semen and embryos. Hauck-Opitz are the first people to register Brahman cattle […]

Mark your Calendar! World Brahman Federation Assembly 2013 in Guayaqil, Ecuador

Make plans to attend the 2013 World Brahman Federation Assembly in Guayaqil, Ecuador October 9-13. The assembly will consist of a tradeshow, meetings, guest speakers, parties and an outstanding Brahman show as well as fun city and ranch tours. Delegates from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Mexico, United States, South Africa and Botswana […]

Brahman Heifers Take Flight to Indonesia

Northern Territory Primary Industries Minister Willem Westra van Holthe with the 200 stud heifers from Bunda Station in quarantine at the Phoenix Park Cattle Transit Centre, Katherine. Jim Pola Two hundred pregnacy-tested-in-calf Brahman stud heifers will be flown  to Indonesia in a landmark deal between the Indonesian government and Brisbane-based exporter Lembiru Livestock Pty Ltd. The elite […]

2012 Universal Brahman Award

This year The Brahman Journal gave the very first Universal Brahman Award at the World Brahman Congress. This is a special award that will be presented at every World Brahman Congress and will honor a person who has dedicated their life to the betterment of the Brahman breed.

Finca Dos Palmas

A Dream Many Years in the Making In 2006, Will Detering and Michael Martin began their adventure in Panamá; however, the endeavor was many years in the making.