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Using Bull Gain Tests

Written by Joe C. Paschal When I was an animal breeding graduate student at Texas A&M back in early ‘80s, the philosophy was that there was not much to be gained from bull testing, especially if the purpose was to select for the fastest gaining bull on feed (which would in turn be selecting for […]

Maria Santina – Jewelry of the Land and Sea

Maria Santina is a unique jewelry store in Veracruz, Mexico dedicated to the manufacture, import and sale of natural jewelry. The majority of the store’s jewelry designs are made by Rosy Guizar, wife of Juan Carlos Molina Palacios of well-known, champion Brahman operation Ganaderia Rosa Del Alba. “I started getting involved in the design and […]

2016 NCC Global Genetics Sale

Australian records were broken at the NCC Global Genetics Sale where semen sold for a staggering $8,000 per straw on two occasions. The result has firmly established the NCC prefix as one of the leaders within the national and international seedstock industry. Conducted by Brett Nobbs and family, NCC Brahman Stud, Duaringa the event also […]

2016 Elders Commercial Cattle Show & Sale

Written by Helen Walker and Kelly Butterworth, Queensland Country Life It was the shy smile from the unasuming central Queensland cattleman, Stewart Nobbs that said it all, at the Elders Commercial cattle show and sale at the CQLX on Wednesday morning. The show and sale formed part of the 18th World Brahman Congress, held in […]

Brahman Congress Female Sale

Information courtesy of Jim Pola Marketing The World Brahman Congress Female Sale had a Helmsman Auction at the showground with a large crowd in attendance. The sale grossed $105,500 on 13 lots with an average of $8,115. Individual lot results were as follows: Lot 1 – $12,000 Purchaser: D & NP Christensen, Morganville Lot 3 […]

Evaluate Udder Soundness Soon after Calving to Use as Culling Criteria

By Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Extension Every year at “preg” checking time, ranchers evaluate cows and make decisions as which to remove from the herd. One criteria that should be examined to cull cows is udder quality. Beef cattle producers are not as likely to think about udder health and shape as are dairy […]

Start Preparing Now for Upcoming DNA Requirements

Following recent registration and importation investigations, the American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) feels there is a growing need to protect the integrity of the breed’s herd books. During the Board of Directors meeting on April 29, a subcommittee of the Executive Committee appointed by President Sartwelle chaired by Loren Pratt and consisting of J.D. Sartwelle, […]

2016 Carolina Brahman Breeders Assoc. Sale

Photos and information courtesy of Joe Butt A record crowd of more than 250 people attended the 36th Annual Carolina Brahman Breeders Association (CBBA) Brahman and F-1 sale held June 4, 2016 at the T. Ed Garrison Arena Cattle Complex in Clemson, South Carolina. A solid offering of both registered Brahmans and F-1 cattle received […]

How Being a Cattleman Makes You Different

by Chase Dickens You may’ve seen us around town caked in grime from head to boot. Maybe you’ve driven behind our trailers and learned firsthand that windshield wipers are no match for projectile manure. Perhaps you’ve even caught a glimpse of us sprinting down the roadside chasing an elusive, fence-jumping cow. We are rough. We […]

Colombia Opens Border to U.S. Cattle

The Brahman World is vast and recent policy shifts are allowing Brahman breeders in the United States to ship live animals to international markets that have not been open in many years. In 2015, breeders saw historic shipments from the U.S. to Vietnam and Ecuador, and as January 2016 kicks off, Colombia has opened its […]