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Expica Permanente

Last year during the 19th Expica Permanente in Managua, Nicaragua, we visited with the 2012 Expica President Rene Bequillard. He was kind enough to answer some of our questions about the Expica Permanente, as well as the Rotating Expica and their history. TBJ – How did the Expica first get started? RB – About fifty […]

Brahman History 1980-2006

Sep 13, 1980 – In discussing the growing prominence of Brahman cattle. To read more click here: From Complete Article Jun 7, 1983 – TBA takes on Brucellosis regulations – More than 1000 cattlemen are to gather in Austin today at the invitation of the Texas Brahman Breeders Association. To read more click here:  Complete […]

Brahman History 1950-1979

Apr 29, 1950 – This cattle deal down here is really getting to be a warhorse,” said Hall. What’s making it? Grass and Brahman cattle,” said the Texan. … He’s been buying and selling cattle in Texas and Florida, along with several other states, for so long that it’s sort of de-localized him. To read […]

Brahman History 1900-1949

Dec 26, 1900 – On December 26, 1900, Abel, Head “Shanghai” Pierce died from a cerebral hemorrhage. He was buried in Hawley Cemetery near Bay City. After his death the Pierce estate imported Brahman cattle from India which furnished Texas with the base stock from which large herds of Brahmans have grown. To read more […]

Brahman History 1800-1899

1825 – The King Ranch in Kingsville, Texas, in the southern part of the state is the largest ranch in the continental United States. Founded in 1825, the ranch began to develop a breed of beef cattle known as the Santa Gertrudis. The breed is part Brahman and part Shorthorn. To read more click here: […]

History of The Brahman Journal

The Brahman Journal will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2011. Before The Brahman Journal was a magazine known as The Brahman Review, a Florida based magazine that had American Brahmans in every issue. The Brahman Review was a small magazine that was in Spanish and English. Then along came The Brahman Journal, and as it […]

Brahman History

As the first beef breed developed in the United States, the American Brahman has played an important role not only in crossbreeding programs throughout the United States and beyond, but it has become a common thread among other American breeds developed in the last century. American Brahman influence in the beef industry is felt world-wide, […]


Brahman cattle may vary in color depending on the goals of the cattlemen who breed them, but their genetic purity does not. Acceptable colors are light gray or red to almost black. Average Brahman bulls will weigh from 1,600 to 2,200 pounds and cows from 1,000 to 1,400 pounds. Purebred calves are small to moderate […]