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Forage Testing – Part Two

In Part 1 of this series we began a discussion of one of the most important and productive tools the cattle producer has at his or her disposal – forage testing. Forage sampling and testing is not a process that is handled without some thought and planning if the results are to be truly useful […]

Events Calendar

Looking for a Brahman event near you? Check out our new Brahman Events website! 

ABBA Brahman Breeders Map

Looking for a Brahman Breeder but not sure where they are located? If you know the state that the breeder lives in then we can help. With our new feature – the Breeders Map – you can now find Brahman breeders all around the United States, on your computers, smart phones and iPads. You will […]

Reminder for National and International Show

Reminder: All exhibitors must have the ORIGINAL or the ORIGINAL COPY of the the registration papers to CHECK IN and to WEIGH and MEASURE. A photo copy of the papers will not be acceptable.

Detering Red Brahman Visitor

Detering Red Brahmans recently had a very special visitor, Dinesh Pandya of India. Mr. Pandya is a top Gyr cattle producer that actually raises his cattle in the Gyr Valley of India. He loves raising Gyr cattle, but Pandya had always wanted to see a herd of American Red Brahman cattle. While Mr. Pandya had […]

Remembering Jeff Smith

Editor’s note:The Brahman Journal staff would like to thank everyone who sent in their stories and photos of Jeff Smith. We know how much he meant to you all. We would especially like to thank Jose Albertazzi for sending in so many photos. If you would still like to send us your Jeff Smith story, […]

Culling the Brahman Cow Herd

The goal of every beef cattle operation should be to have a cow produce a calf every year.  If she cannot do that, then she is costing you money and should be culled.  But yearly calf production should not be the only factor you consider when culling, others include physical defects, age, and disposition, just […]

30th Anniversary AJBA All-American

Every summer the American Junior Brahman Association hosts their “All-American” show, which is an excellent way to spend time with family and friends from all over the country with being able to compete in numerous competitions. The “All-American” each year changes locations due to the fact of different members from different states. This year will […]

Beef industry is bullish on world trade

The U.S. feeds the world, and few other commodities understand this better than the beef industry.  Exports can add an average of $127 in value per head domestically, and over the past ten years, U.S. beef exports have brought anywhere from 1 to 3 billion in additional revenue for American ranchers.  In addition to the […]

Brahman Breeders and Boots

  Have you seen the cool contests that The Brahman Journal is promoting? One of our clients owns Rios of Mercedes Boots, Anderson Bean Boots and Olathe Boots. They have some really cool boots and have a free pair of boots that can be won if you just sign up at their website. Another one […]