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Evaluate Udder Soundness Soon after Calving to Use as Culling Criteria

By Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University Extension Every year at “preg” checking time, ranchers evaluate cows and make decisions as which to remove from the herd. One criteria that should be examined to cull cows is udder quality. Beef cattle producers are not as likely to think about udder health and shape as are dairy […]

Evie’s Journey

Calf beats odds thanks to groundbreaking veterinarian treatment at Oklahoma State

California Gets a Taste of ‘A2 Milk’

Adapted from an article written by Cookson Beecher. “The milk that might change everything.” That’s the claim of a brand that will soon be sold as “A2 Milk” in the United States. Launched in April, California retail outlets like Safeway, Kroger, and Whole Foods all stocked their refrigerators with this unique product. While the label […]

First-Calf Cows: High Nutrient Demand Can Slow Breed-Back

By Travis Meteer, University of Illinois Extension First-calf cows (3 year olds) are traditionally the most challenging animal to get bred on the farm. As we approach breeding season, cattlemen need to be aware of this challenge and make sure they do not drop the ball on getting first-calf cows re-bred. First-calf cows are dealing […]

Identifying and Preventing Neosporosis in the Cow Herd

By Katie Allen, Kansas State University Extension An often-overlooked reason for late-term abortions in gestating beef cows and heifers is neosporosis, which is difficult to prevent. Gregg Hanzlicek, director of production animal field investigations for the Kansas State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, said the laboratory has confirmed a handful of cases this spring calving season […]

Having a Complete Nutritional Program for the Cow Herd

Editor’s note: This is Part one of a two-part series. Next month we will discuss how to create your nutritional plan. If you are reading this it’s highly likely you are a cattle producer. And if you are a cattle producer a significant part of your operation (based on time and dollars spent) is the […]

How Stressful is Transportation?

Written by Dr. Nicole Burdick Sanchez, Research Animal Scientist, USDA-ARS-LIRU, Lubbock, TX It is common for cattle to be transported multiple times during their production life cycle. Transportation events may include shipment of calves to backgrounding facilities and feed yards. Also, pregnant cows may be transported to auction barns or due to drought may be […]

Forage Quality, Digestibility play an important Role in Cattle Production

Written by Dr. Stephen Blezinger Every cattle producer knows that forage production is typically the single expenditure in most livestock operations. Since forage is the foundation of most cattle diets, an understanding of forage quality can be a very important management tool. Production of quality forages can have a profound effect on performance and profits. […]

Passages: Rest in Peace

Jesse Aykes Jesse Aykes, 70, of Wharton, Texas died Friday, April 19, 2013. A funeral service was held on Saturday, April 27, at New Hope Community Church in Wharton. To many he was known and respected as the “nightman” in the Brahman world during many different shows. While traveling for shows, Aykes watched the cattle […]

Managing the Mineral Program for Breeding Bulls

By Stephen B. Blezinger, Ph.D., PAS When asked, most cattle producers will tell you they have some type of mineral program for their herd. In general, when selecting a mineral program the typical producer does so with the cow herd in mind. We know that minerals are involved in a long list of performance parameters […]