Jesus Quintanilla Casanova Elected AMCC President

IMG_7437_v2Special thanks to the " Revista GANADERO" and "Revista Cebu Mexicano" magazines in Mexico for helping with this article and its accompanying photographs!

An assembly of the members of the Mexican Association of Zebu Breeders (AMCC) elected Jesus Quintanilla Casanova as their new president during the 2015 Tropical Livestock Congress on February 15, 2015 in Tampico, Mexico.

Quintanilla Casanova is the son of Don Jesus Quintanilla Jauregui, a former president of the AMCC. He graduated in 1981 from the Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry "Dr. Norberto Treviño" insti-tute located in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. That same year Quintanilla Casanova also began breeding and marketing cattle. In 1983, he established his own operation breeding Brahman, Nelore, Guzerat and Suizbú cattle; and began to participate in regional and national cattle exhibitions. Five years later started a feedlot called “El 2000" and under this name he began exporting cattle in 2003.

Quintanilla Casanova, who in 1996 received the "Eloy Garcia Uribe" Medal of Merit for Livestock, has held various professional positions. Among others, he was president of the Livestock Association of Aldama and a member of the Regional Livestock Union of Tamaulipas.

Quintanilla Casanova knows the livestock market and has experience in this industry. One of his pro-jects will be to continue to promote the AMCC cattle.

"The price for females has not yet reached their full potential,” Quintanilla Casanova said. “There are tremendous possibilities for embryos. Due to good prices and good rains, breeders are investing again, and we have good genetics for them.”

Quintanilla Casanova has great respect for the outgoing president, Erik Abrahamsson, who did a tre-mendous job over the past two years. Abrahamsson worked hard on the "reunification" of the associ-ation’s members. Members have once again started to work together "like family" to promote new projects, including strengthening and improving the Technical Committee.

Besides the "reunification” of the membership, Abrahamsson also substantially improved of the Association’s economic situation.

"Thanks to the good relations with the political authorities in the livestock industry, we have been able to get support resources, and currently have nearly five million pesos for use in benefit programs for the zebu breeds," Quintanilla Casanova said. “I remember when Erick took office there was not even enough money to pay salaries.”

As in any association, there is of course still much to be accomplished and not all of the projects initiat-ed by Abrahamsson have been completed, including improving the Technical Committee by providing more training. Quintanilla Casanova invites all members to participate in the association as he feels this is the best way to make the association strong and to continue its growth.