March 2017 Magazine

March Content Focus: ABBA Board of Directors Meeting Summary; ABBA International Friend of the Year; ABBA Brahman Friend of the Year; ABBA International Show Dedication - Joe Butt; ABBA Performance Breeder of the Year; Brahman Hall of Fame - Mike Partin; ABBA Premier Show Animals; ABBA Show Animal Runner-Up; ABBA Director Service Pins; HK Memorial Trophy; ABBA Sponsor of the Year; ABBA Performance and Show Ring Awards; First Maternal Merit Elite Plus Cow; ABBA F1 Sale Dedication - Joe Weil; Brahman - Champions of the World; ABBA Board of Directors Election; ABBA Top Producing Gray Sires of '16 Show Circuit; ABBA Top Producing Red Sires of '16 Show Circuit; ABBA Top Producing Gray Dams of '16 Show Circuit; ABBA Top Producing Red Dams of '16 Show Circuit; Birth Announcements; The Importance of Feet and Leg Soundness; Georgia Field Day at Langdale Farms; AMCC Assembly & Tropical Livestock Congress; 2016 ABBA Carcass Evaluation Program; AJBA News; AGAFAM Show - Honduras; Feria Agroindustrial Y Ganadera La Dorada - Colombia; Brahman Calendar; Brahman Foundation Sale Raises Big Money for Juniors; ABBA Fall 2017 - Spring 2018 Judges List; National Peanut Festival Show; Heartland Classic Junior Show; Suwannee River Brahman Showdown; Fort Worth Stock Show; South Florida Fair Show; Florida State Fair Show; Feria San Sebastian de Ocu - Panama; San Antonio Livestock Show; Feria Flores - Guatemala; Farewell Message From Chris Shivers

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