October 2016 Magazine

cover-webOctober Content Focus: ABBA Association News; ABBA Board of Directors Meeting Summary; ABBA Convention; Historic Shipment to Colombia; ABBA Performance Tested Bull Sale; Birth Announcements; ABBA New Judges; National Show Judge Shane Bedwell; National Show Schedule; Louisiana Sugar Classic Results; Louisiana Sugar Classic Candid Photos; Tennessee State Fair Results; 2016 Semana del Ganadero Results, Guatemala; Washington County Fair Results; Washington County Fair Candid Photos; New DNA Requirements; New Callicrate PRO Bander; Asobrahman National Show, Guatemala; Feed Efficiency and How It's Measured; Evaluating Sheath & Prepucial Opening; Brahman Calendar; Changes for the 2017 International Brahman Week; BQA Free Certification; Photos from our Facebook Friends; AJBA News

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