Panama received from Brazil the flag to held the XVI World Brahman Congress in 2012 under the presidency of the livestock breeder Pedro Vallarino Cox as representative of the Association of CEBU (CRICEPA) breeders, with the support of the Panamanian government, with which efforts had been strengthened so it will become a successful cattle, agro commercial, and scientific Expo.

Part of the sponsors, among them,  Emilio Kieswetter, Minister of Agricultural  Development (MIDA in Spanish); Dario Berbey, General Manager of the National Bank of Panama; Rigoberto Amaya, Manager of the Agricultural  Development Bank; Ruben Dario Campos, Manager of the Agricultural Insurance Institute; Juan Ramon Maduro of the Tourism Authority; Gabriela Garcia, Panamanian Ambassador to Brazil; Guido Martinelli, Panamanian Ambassador  to Italy, and livestock breeder; Norberto Delgado , Director of the Board of Directors of the Panama Canal, and former Minister of Economy; Felipe (Pipo) Virzi, former Vice president of Panama; with 70 Panamanians participant breeders held  intensive farm tours where they observed the importance for Panama to gather livestock breeders from across the world to know the excellent  breed of Brahman cattle raised in Panama.  The Panamanian delegation attended Congress hold d in Uberaba, Brazil.

The international promotion of Panama as tourism destiny, for shopping, and livestock business was supported by Salo Shamah, Director General of the Panamanian Tourism Authority, with an informative pavilion of touristic, and folkloric activities such as the presentation of a singer of special folk music decimas,  Dayra Moreno, and the presentation of ladies wearing beautiful Panamanian traditional folkloric dresses (Polleras).

Estefania Zevallos, 2010 National Queen of the Pollera attended the Congress in Brazil dressed up with her beautiful traditional pollera.

Congressmen were able to held working meetings and farm tours that allowed them to observe farms and centers of high scientific genetic studies been developed only in the 15 years that Braham breed is in Brazil.  It is important to outline that these achievements had been obtained using advanced biotechnology, such as in vitro fertilization, which is an issued to be established in Panama at the genetic centers; therefore Panama will turn to be a platform for genetics, across the globe, since one of its strong achievements is the sanitary one.

The World Brahman Congress began in Australia almost 30 years ago sponsored by the World Brahman Federation (WBF) which nowadays consists of 38 countries, who will participate in the Congress that will be held in Panama, to know the excellent Panamanian cattle farm, and therefore shared the production, handling, and techniques used to improve the Brahman genetic breed.

This will be the second time that Panama will be the host of the World Brahman Congress.  The first time was in 1994.