Paraguay Brahman Headquarters Inauguration: Bubba Hudgins Honored

bubbahudginstribThe new headquarters of the Paraguayan Brahman Breeders Association was inaugurated during the 2014 International Brahman Show held July 12th through 27th in Asuncion Paraguay. The inauguration event was chaired by Manuel Bobadilla Kennedy, president of the association.

During the building inauguration there was a very special tribute to Leslie “Bubba” Hudgins, who was prominent in promoting the Brahman breed in Paraguay for many years.

Steve Hudgins, son of the late Bubba Hudgins, was on hand to receive the award honoring his father for the many years of service and friendship to the Paraguayan Brahman breeders.

“I know that Bubba would have been very honored to receive this award and honor from the Paraguayan association,” said Steve Hudgins.

The tribute to Bubba Hudgins was an emotional ceremony and numerous Brahman breeders and leaders in the Brahman community from around the world were in attendance.

The building was constructed in preparation for the 2020 World Brahman Congress, which will be held in Asuncion Paraguay.

The new building was named Best Livestock Pavilion at this year’s Expo, and served as the venue for several events to promote Brahman beef as well as house prominent social and business meetings.