Deep South Brahman & F1 Sale

The Deep South Brahman Association held its Annual Brahman and F1 Sale at Meridian Livestock, Inc. in Meridian, Mississippi on April 21, 2018. The sale was one of the highest quality offerings to date with consignments coming from thirty seven of the industry’s most recognized breeders in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. The offering consisting of Registered Brahmans, F1 Females, F1 Plus Females, Hereford cows, and Registered Angus and Polled Hereford Bulls. The elite offering drew a standing room only crowd with 260 registered buyers from 14 states. Auctioneer Keith Brightwell of Henderson, Texas sold cattle to 55 buyers from 10 states with 22 head being sold online through Cattle In Motion. The following are the official averages by category:
Lots Averages
5 Breeding Age Brahman Bulls $4,420.00
4 Yearling Brahman Bulls $3,600.00
6 Haltered Brahman Heifers $4,816.66
30 Open Brahman Heifers $3,653.33
9 Bred Brahman Cows to Brahman Bulls $4,344.44
7 Bred Brahman Cows for F1 calf $2,614.29
5 Brahman Pairs with Brahman calves $4,500.00
2 Aspirations $2,950.00
1 Package of 3 Embryos $500/embryo
8 Straws of semen on two sires $675/straw
62 Open F1 Heifers $1,555.65
16 Exposed F1 Females $1,300.00
33 Bred F1 Females $1,915.20
17 F1 Pairs $2,376.48
10 Purebred Hereford Cows bred to Brahman Bulls $1,950.00
2 Registered Polled Hereford Bulls $2,950.00
2 Registered Angus Bulls $2,300.00

The sale was managed by Chris Shivers owner of Infinity Cattle Services based in Houston, Texas.