2024 World Brahman Congress

The 2024 World Brahman Congress to be held May 19 – 25 at the state-of-the-art Thomas G. Hildebrand, DVM ’56 Equine Complex

The American Brahman Breeder’s Association will be hosting the 2024 World Brahman Congress and the 100th Anniversary of the Association in May of 2024. They are excited to have reserved the Thomas G. Hildebrand, DVM ’56 Equine Complex for this event.

“When asked to chair the WBC 2024, there was only one venue that I felt was perfect for this extraordinary event,” explained WBC Committee Chair, Michael Martin. “I did not know if it would even be possible, but thanks to Dr. Mask and Brahman supporters at Texas A&M University, we were able to secure the Hidebrand Equine Complex to host the 21st World Brahman Congress.”

The complex is a state-of-the-art facility which is located in the heart of Texas A&M University. It includes first-class arenas, barn facilities, as well as multiple classrooms, event and meeting spaces.

The complex is named in honor of Thomas G. Hildebrand, DVM ‘56. Dr. Hildebrand was active in the Tejas Vaqueros and was a successful veterinarian in Houston, TX. His practice was innovative and cutting-edge. He was active in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and loved everything about Texas A&M. Dr. Hildebrand’s contributions to veterinary medicine and his love of Texas A&M are recognized by naming this facility in his honor.

The complex is also home to a special arena called the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Western Arena. As most Brahman breeders know, the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo is the largest rodeo in the world and is also home to the ABBA’s International Brahman Show.

The HLS&R Western Arena is a 225’ x 150’ covered arena with bleachers along one side. It is a fitting place to recognize HLSR’s commitment to preserving our western culture.

With a number of arenas, conference rooms, classrooms, and meeting rooms, the Thomas G. Hildebrand, DVM ’56 Equine Complex will be a prefect place to house an event as prestigious as the 2024 World Brahman Congress and 100th Anniversary of the American Brahman Breeder’s Association.

Look to future editions of The Brahman Journal as we provide you more information and details about this historic event.

If you are interested in becoming involved as a sponsor, vendor or would like to volunteer to help the World Brahman Congress planning committee, please contact Michael Martin at WBC2024@brahman.org

For more information visit Worldbrahmancongress.com