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Advertising Rates and Info

Black & White Advertising Rates

AD SIZE1X*6X**12X**
Full Page$600$575$550
1/2 Page$350$325$300
1/3 Page$250$225$200
1/4 Page$200$175$150
1/6 Page$100$100$100
Rate Holder$40$36$32
Column Inch$20N/AN/A

Color Advertising Rates

AD SIZE1X*6X**12X**
Full Page$950$875$850
1/2 Page$650$625$600
1/3 Page$600$575$550
1/4 Page$500$475$450
1/6 Page$450$425$400
Rate HolderN/AN/AN/A
Column InchN/AN/AN/A

Guaranteed Ad Placement***

Front HalfRightNext to +$200
Front HalfRightN/A+$150
Front HalfLeftN/A+$100
Back HalfRightN/A+$50

*Brahman Journal ads include 2.5 hours of graphic design time and two opportunities to make changes. All design time after 2.5 hours and/or the third ad proof will be billed at $75 per hour. No discounts for camera ready ads. ** Pre-signed contract required for volume discount rates. Late fees will apply after 30 days. *** Want to make sure your ad is in a certain place in the magazine? Add on a Guaranteed Advertising Placement fee to confirm your ad placement. Available on a first come first serve basis. Additional fee may be required for specialty editions guaranteed placement. Costs are in the table above. Please note that on occasion your ad may be placed in the front half and/or on a right hand page of the magazine with no additional cost, but for GUARANTEED placement we recommend you ask about availability and reserve with requested placement.

Deadline Dates

All copy and photos are due in our office on the 5th of the month preceding the publication. For example, ad information for the the February issue is due on January 5th. Camera ready materials are due by the 11th of the month provided that space reservation has already been made. If room is available copy and photos will be accepted up to the 11th of the month with an additional rush fee charged for ad creation.

Mechanical Requirements

Mechanical Requirements for ads are as follows:
Full Page: Bleed – 8.625” X 11.125”; Trim – 8.375” X 10.875”; Live Area – 7.25” X 9.75”
Half Page: Horizontal – 7.25” X 4.75”
One Third Page: Vertical – 2.25” X 9.75”; Horizontal – 4.75” X 4.875” One Quarter Page: 4.75” X 3.5”
One Sixth Page: 4.75” X 2.3125”
Rate Holder: 2.25” X 1.9375”

Acceptable File Types

PDF, Tiff, Jpeg, Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign. Please note that all Camera Ready ads must be high resolution (300 DPI) with embedded fonts and images.

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