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2023 December – Brahman Journal

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ABBA Awards the First Brahman Bucks

These events will also be remembered as the first events where producers were awarded the newly created ABBA Brahman Bucks.

2023 December – Brahman Journal


From the Field ABBA Breed Improvement Director

Our breeders developed over eighty outstanding bulls through the program this year

From the Desk of the ABBA Executive Vide President

On the evening of the 8th, ABBA will hold the 2023 National Show Sale with an offering of 19 donated lots of Brahman females and genetics

2023 November – Brahman Journal


2023 September – Brahman Journal


From the Desk of the ABBA Executive Vice President

“Feed Efficiency of Brahman Steers: From Feed to Steak”.

ABBA Breed Improvement Director – A.J. KNOWLES

At the end of this month, we’ll be wrapping up our Bull Development Program at Texana Feeders in Floresville, Texas.

2023 August – Brahman Journal


Performance Special Edition

The 2023 July edition of The Brahman Journal is a special magazine that highlights breeders that are dedicated to performance.

From the Desk of the ABBA Executive Vice President

ABBA has sent out the first of a quarterly newsletter to our F1 members

Performance Special Edition

For this edition we wanted Brahman breeders to share with us what performance means to them in their programs.

2023 July – Brahman Journal


2023 June – Brahman Journal


Association News

We are recovering from a successful week at the 99th ABBA Annual Membership Meeting, International Brahman Show and Sale in Houston

ABBA International Brahman Sale

This elite sale that provided members an opportunity to market and purchase superior genetics was well received

2023 April – Brahman Journal


Top point producing Gray dams LIFETIME

These numbers were supplied in a raw format from the American Brahman Breeders Association

Top point producing Gray sires LIFETIME

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2023 March – Brahman Journal


2023 February – Brahman Journal


2023 January – Brahman Journal


2022 December – Brahman Journal


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