Queens of the ABBA National Shows

Since the ABBA National Show will be held in November, we felt it was a good time to honor the "Queens" of the ABBA National Show!

Principales hembras grises en el registro de renombre de ABBA

Esta es una lista de las madres Brahman Gris (color clasificado por la ABBA) que están clasificadas por número de puntos en el Registro de Renombre de la ABBA.

The Gray Dams in the ABBA Register of Renown

This is a list of Gray Brahman dams (as color classified by the ABBA) who are ranked by number of points in the ABBA’s Register of Renown.

Queen – A Brahman Maternal Index

This maternal index is a composite score that utilizes multiple EPDs in order to create an index that ranks animals on their likelihood to be and/or produce good replacement female...

Top Breeders & Top Dams of ABBA Register of Renown Females

The Register of Renown program was designed to recognize elite sires and dams of winners at ABBA-approved Brahman shows.

Top Sires of the International Brahman Show

The top sires of Gray and Red Brahman champions...

2020 Brahman Spring Trait Leaders

The trait leader information has been adapted from information provided to The Brahman Journal by the ABBA...

Brahman Operations with the Most Registrations

This page features lists of the Brahman operations with the largest number of Brahman animals registered with the ABBA...

Performance Testing Your Bulls

In every agriculture sector today, there is more and more importance being put on a reduced carbon footprint and increased sustainability...

2018-2019 ABBA Premier Show Animals

Click here to view the 2018-2019 ABBA Premier Show Animals
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