New ABBA Registry System in Place

The new ABBA Registry System is available and ready for members to use.

Members are encouraged to register and become more familiar with the new online services now available to our members. Active members are offered online services of registrations and transfers at a lower cost as well as a many other services and options useful to herd management.

Be sure to login and register online. You can navigate to the portal by going to, hover over the Search tab found on the upper right-hand corner and select Enhanced User Login.

The user name and passwords for this system are different than the previous enhanced user portal. Please register by clicking the Register link and complete the process. In order to ensure that we have the correct information, you will be required to provide your Breeder ID and the email address that is on file with ABBA. An activation email will be sent to your email address with instructions on activating your account. If you have multiple breeder IDs associated with a single email address, please register the main Breeder ID, then call the office to manually create the additional logins. Aside from registering online, one of the widely used components of the new system is the RELEASE OF A.I. and E.T. CERTIFICATES. Members can release A.I. & E.T. certificates online. Provided you are the recorded owner of an animal, you may release these certificates directly from the system. All you need is the ID number of the member who will be registering the calves and the registration number of the sire and/or dam.

Please be sure to check out this option as it will ensure that your certificates are released and ready to use by your clients. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience during the transition into the new system.

Haz click aquí para leer la version en español.