ABBA Awards the First Brahman Bucks

The South Texas Cattle Marketing Sale in Nixon, Texas and the Queens of the South Replacement Female Sale in Crockett, Texas were both held on September 1, 2023. Besides having an excellent offering of cattle, these two events will also be remembered as the first events where producers were awarded the newly created ABBA Brahman Bucks.

At the South Texas Cattle Marketing Sale, produced by Lew Thomson, a pen of Brahman X Red Angus bred females owned by Lukas Alvarez, L-A Cattle of Pearsall was awarded $300 for their first place finish. Brahman Bucks of $200 was awarded to the second place pen of Brahman x Hereford pairs owned by E L Ranch of Corpus Christi. Third place garnered Brahman Bucks of $100 and was awarded to 2J Ranch, Donnell Livestock, LLC, of Fowlerton for a set of bred Brahman x Hereford heifers.

At the Queens of the South Replacement Female Sale that same day in Crockett, Texas, Will Rutherford of Greenville, Texas was awarded the 1st and 3rd Place Pens and Mark Froman of Cameron, Texas took home the 2nd Place for his pens of F1s. (No photos from Crockett). On September 30th Terry Novak, ABBA Marketing Committee Chair, went to Chase Foutch’s Texas Breeder’s Classic at the Four Counties Livestock Commission Co. near Industry, Texas with A. J. Knowles and Dr. Joe Paschal where they selected the top three pens which would receive ABBA Brahman Bucks Program.

Travis Medve and his partner Hunter Krolczyk (T-M Cattle) took the 1st and 2nd places with a set of Open Brahman x Hereford F1 heifers and a set of Brahman x Hereford Bred Heifers. Chase Foutch took 3rd place with a set of Brahman x Angus Bred Heifers. The ABBA staff thanks Marketing Committee Co-Chair Brand Jones for his “Brahman Bucks” idea and his assistance with this program. Many thanks also to the entire ABBA Marketing Committee for approving the idea and funding it.