ABBA Registry Update


The ABBA Registry transition is ongoing, and we are making daily progress. We have encountered unexpected and challenging delays in the transition resulting in an unforeseen backlog of work. We would like to report that the staff is steadily working through these challenges. We have received many rush requests and at this time are processing those items first. If you have submitted work as far back as March 2018, do expect a delay in receiving your work. However, if you need a registration certificate immediately due to a show, sale or cattle shipment, please contact our office at 713-349-0854.
Our main priority is the accuracy of our herd books and accuracy of printed fields within our new certificates. We are taking measures to ensure the accuracy of our records and look forward to a more streamlined system to better fit the needs of our membership and one which will allow us for future growth. With that, two major components which will allow for a more efficient and accurate system are being added to the registry. This integration will streamline the processing of work and provide a more expedient and efficient operating system.
During this time of transition we have been receiving a high volume of calls. To provide better customer service we are asking members to send an email to the corresponding staff member including a detailed message of your inquiry and/or request. Please remember to include your Member ID number and ID numbers of animals you are inquiring about.
Recording Secretary/Office Manager – Armelinda Ibarra 
Director of Youth/Communications – Shelby Schiefelbien
Registrations / Certifications / Memberships – Laura Cabriales
Transfers / Duplicates / A.I. & Embryo CertificatesIridiana Ibarra
DNA / Promotional ItemsTeresa Dominguez

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we progress through the development of the new registry and look forward for the opportunity to better service our membership.
Figure 1. Go to “User Registration – Standard Animal” under the “Actions” tab

Registering Animals Online

The ABBA has recently changed from BREEDPLAN’s ILR2 pedigree and performance database system to the Livestock Genetic Services registry system. The new system has the capability for members to register animals online. It is easy to use; however, it is quite different than the previous “batch” system.
To access the new registry, got to the ABBA’s website and click on the “LOGIN” link at the top of the screen. You will need to register for a new login and password combination if you haven’t already done so. Your old username and password will not work.

Getting Started

Upon logging in to the Enhanced User area, a “Work Order” is automatically opened. The number appears in the upper left-hand corner of the screen (see Figure 1 – #1). From the drop-down menu under “Actions”, select “User Registration—Standard Animals” by clicking on the highlighted area (see Figure 1 – #2). When you click, the program will take you to a registration screen.
On the registration screen, the required information is marked with a red asterisk (*). These fields must be filled for the record to be processed (see Figure 2). All other information is optional but can be included if it is available. It can also be added in later after the animal is registered.

Figure 2. Any Field with a red * must be filled out

Once finished, click the “save” button. If the record goes through without errors, then a registration number for that animal will drop down from the top of the screen and the price that will be charged.
If an error message does appear, then go back to the registration page and check that all the required fields (marked with the red asterisk) are filled out before trying to submit the animal again.

Transferring Newly-Registered Animals

After the animal’s form is completed without errors, a dialogue box will pop-up asking if you want to transfer the animal in addition to registering it (see Figure 3). If you wish to transfer the animal at the time of registration, click “OK”. If you do not wish to transfer the animal, click “Cancel”. This action will not cancel the registration, it only cancels the opportunity to transfer the animal you just registered at this time. By clicking “Cancel”, you will return to the registration page and can continue to register more animals or return to the main page.

Figure 3. Pop-up box for selecting to transfer or not

If you are done registering animals, you can hit the “Back to List” button at the top or bottom of the registration page to return to the main page.

Submitting a Workorder

The registration and/or transfer will not be completed until your “Workorder” is submitted and the payment is processed. When you are done with your registrations and/or transfers, go to the “Billing” tab on the main page and select “Current Workorder” (See figure 4 – #1). You should see the details of the transactions you have just finished. Click the underlined text that reads “Submit Order” (See figure 4 – #2). Check over the order to see if it all looks correct. Then you must click on the “Save” button that pops up. The workorder is then submitted and cannot be reopened. Any additional work you might want to do will need to be completed in a new workorder.


The registered or transferred animal(s) will appear in the owner’s inventory as “Pending” but will not become “Active” in the system until payment has been made. You will receive an email with an invoice that can be paid online after your order is submitted. Once payment has gone through the animal will become “Active” and can be searched, transferred, have traits added or have a certificate printed.

Figure 4.1 To complete your registrations you must submit your order in the “Current Workorder” section under the “Billing” Tab
Figure 4.2 To complete your registrations you must submit your order in the “Current Workorder” section under the “Billing” Tab