ABBA September Office Update

The transition into the new ABBA registry system has made tremendous progress within the last couple of weeks in terms of processing work in a timely and efficient manner. This is due largely to a recent meeting that took place with the LGS programmer on July 24-27. ABBA staff, ABBA member Barry Smith, and President George Kempfer met with the programmer to identify areas of improvement within the program. As a result, several changes to the schematics of the program were made that have facilitated the entry of registrations and transfers resulting in a streamlined processing and printing of certificates. One major item we are anticipating is the addition of an accounting system to the program which will allow an online payment option for online submissions. This will allow the generation of member invoices and statements that will be generated directly from the program and allow members to view details of all work submitted. This highly anticipated addition is scheduled to go into effect by the end of August. We will continue to work with the LGS programmer in an effort to help improve member services as this is our number one priority and very important to us.
Some of the underutilized services offered by the new system are the online capabilities such as member search and release of A.I./E.T. certificates. The member search allows members to locate necessary information such as membership numbers, registration numbers, and addresses that are needed at the time of submitting work to be processed. The online release of A.I./E.T. certificates allows members to go online and release certificates to their clients directly from their computer. Members can also check to see if A.I./E.T. certificates have been released to them prior to submitting registrations to the office. We encourage all members to Register online and utilize these helpful online services. There is a tutorial tab that gives easy to follow instructions on how to navigate through the system and will help members learn more about other services and online capabilities. Remember, members must register with the email address that is currently listed in your membership account.
The ABBA staff would like to thank all ABBA members for their continued patience and consideration during this time of transition.
Helpful Hints when calling the office or submitting paperwork:
Be sure to have your membership number ready when calling the office or include it when submitting work to be processed.
When releasing A.I./E.T. Certificates, be sure to include the registration number of the animal you are releasing certificates on as well as the membership number of the person receiving the certificates.
Applications for Registration must be filled out by the recorded owner of the dam of calf being registered. If the calf needs to be registered in another members name, you must attach an Application for Transfer.
When submitting Applications for Transfer be sure to ask the buyer for their membership number so that the animal being purchased may be transferred into the correct membership number. If you sell to a non-member, this is okay. Buyers do not have to be an Active Member in order to have animals transferred into their name.
When submitting an Application for Transfer be sure to include the Date of Delivery on the application as well as any breeding information if selling a bred female.