AJBA American Junior Brahman Association


I am Cash Vititow and I am a freshman at Texas A&M University. I own and operate Vititow Brahmans along with my family in Sulphur Springs, TX. I am currently serving as secretary of the American Junior Brahman Association.

I am grateful to be a part of the association and have grown in leadership as a result I encourage you to embrace the opportunities before you and seek involvement in the American Junior Brahman Association.


TBJ ?: How do you see your future in the Brahman breed?
Cash: I would say my future in the Brahman breed is looking pretty bright. I have assembled a small herd of elite Red Brahman females that I hope can produce the next generation of sound functional cattle with that dark red color we all desire.

TBJ ?: Do you have any hobbies other than showing Brahmans?
Cash: I love hunting and fishing. I look forward to annual bird hunts, deer hunts and duck hunts with family and friends. I also enjoy learning to run equipment for the family business and doing electrical work with my grandfather during my spare time.