Friends Of The Year 2021 Recipient

The ABBA 2021 Friend of the Year Award will be given to Texas A&M University’s Animal Science Department during the ABBA Annual Membership Meeting. This year’s meeting will be held in conjunction with The International Open Breeding Cattle Show in Waco, Texas.

“Since the beginning, Texas A&M’s Animal Science Department has understood the importance of Brahman and Brahman-influenced genetics in the South’s cattle operations,” Performance Committee chairman Milton Charanza said. “From Dr. Sanders’ work at McGregor Station to Dr. Randall’s work in Overton along with many other researchers, they have been by our side supporting the association and expanding the knowledge base concerning Bos indicus cattle.”

Dr. Cliff Lamb is the head of the Department of Animal 2021 Recipient BRAHMAN FRIENDS THE YEAR of Science at Texas A&M University, which has achieved national and international prominence as the largest and most complex department of animal science in the nation. The Animal Science Department strives to meet the needs of all citizens by providing outstanding teaching, research and extension programs.

“Texas A&M’s Animal Science Department has always been very helpful and supportive to the Brahman breed,” ABBA Executive Vice-President Dr. Joe Mask explained. “From the use of the facility at the Beef Center, to the help and support of great livestock specialists such as Dr. Joe Paschal, Dr. David Riley and others, we are truly blessed to have access and assistance from the department.”