Brahman Operations with the Most Registrations

This page features lists of the Brahman operations with the largest number of Brahman animals registered with the ABBA during specific time periods. These lists were compiled based on data provided by the American Brahman Breeders Association. To present the data as accurately as possible, The Brahman Journal combined all ranches with multiple divisions/herd numbers on each list to the best of its ability and put an asterisk (*) next to them to indicate they have been combined. This is an unofficial ranking that we created for the enjoyment of our readers. * Denotes ranches that only breed red Brahman cattle. We apologize if anyone who should have been on these lists was left out.


The duplicate ranking numbers represent ties.

Red Brahman Operations with the Most Registrations

This list of Red Brahman breeders is a list of breeders that only breed for Red Brahmans. Breeders whose operations breed for gray and red cattle were not included on this list.


Non-Brahman Operations with the Most Registrations

The Non-Brahman ABBA Registrations are based on the number of cattle each breeder registered in Non-Brahman ABBA herd books such as Sardo Negro, Gyr, Nelore, Indu Brazil and Guzerat.