Keep The Quality Up & Something Special Sale


Butler Farms and Clem Ranch teamed up to offer a stellar group of rare Bos indicus cattle in the “Keep the Quality Up and Something Special” Cebu Online Sale.  e virtual sale was hosted on The Brahman Journal’s Best Cattle Sales platform and closed on November 11.

The offering consisted of 18 lots, featuring bulls, cows, calves, embryos and semen. The genetics showcased in this sale consisted of Brahman, Sardo Negro, Gyr and Indu-Brazil bloodlines

The high selling lot was a red speckled, pure milking gyr female named *MNB.- MISS CHAMIZAL IA 206/5. She was imported from the great Chamizal herd in Mexico, and at the time of the sale, she was 4 months bred to the 2015 Mexican National Champion Gyr bull “Gondal”. She sold for $7,500 to Robert Moore of Georgia.

The second-high selling lot was a March 2020 Sardo Negro heifer named BUTLER ARAMBURO 243. She is the first animal to be offered from the imported bull *MAAS INDIO IA 710/7. She sold for $7,300 to James Bachus of Texas.

The high selling bull in the sale was Lot 1, BUTLER COCTEL 78. Butler Farms sold full possession and half semen interest in the heavy-muscled Indu Brazil bull. The lot sold for $5,300 to first time online sale bidder, Kevin Buffet of Alabama.

“I was excited after the sale when I discovered that Kevin bought Lot 1 in our online sale,” explained Rick Butler. “Kevin had been concerned about using an online sale platform. We visited a little on the phone before the sale and I explained that on the Best Cattle Sales site all the bidding is anonymous. He decided to give it a try and really enjoyed the process.”

Clem Ranch and Butler Farms went above and beyond with this sale offering. In addition to the tremendous sale cattle, they offered people the chance to win a FREE Gyr / Indu cross bull calf. The first 50 people to register for the sale were entered once and each bidder received an entry for every $100 bid they placed. Krystal Dean-Jelks of Alto, Texas won the calf.

Clem Ranch of Texarkana, Arkansas has been breeding high quality Cebu cattle since 1974, striving to produce sound, meaty, functional animals with lots of class and style. The Clem family is now in its 3rd Generation of raising Quality Red Brahman, InduBrazil and Gyr cattle.

Butler Farms of Mt. Vernon, Texas specializes in a variety of Bos indicus genetics, including hard to find bloodlines such as Guzerat, Gyr, Indu-Brasil, Nelore and Sardo Negro.

High Selling Bull
High Selling Bull
High Selling Lot
High Selling Lot