Letter From the Australian Brahman Breeders Association

Dear American Brahman Breeders Association,

It has come to my attention a recent article in the American Brahman Journal about the terrible bush fires that Australia experienced only a few short months ago. Mentioned in the article was the devastating effect these fires had on our wildlife. After a very long drought the fires were very hot and the loss of life for wildlife was very shocking. It will take many years or decades for them to recover. Due to the heat of the fire and the fire storm it created through the tree tops the loss of Koalas especially was very bad and there are grave concerns for the populations long term recovering following deaths from the drought and now the fires in the southern parts of the country.

Also mentioned in the article and of great concern is the loss of cattle due to these fires. In one way the drought was a blessing for the worst affected areas as many places had reduced their cattle numbers dramatically however reports following the fires has shown that there is only a small percentage of cattle were killed and we haven’t actually heard of any Brahmans being affected as this is in the southern parts of the country and we don’t have a large population of Brahman down there, although of course their hardiness and doing ability would have been of great benefit to breeders during the prolonged drought.

Association members is greatly appreciated and your show of concern with articles such as the one mentioned above means a great deal to our members. The support of our breeders following the tragic floods of 2019 in the north of the country will remain with us all for a long time.

Several Australian Brahman Breeders traveled to America recently to visit your producers and attend the Houston Livestock Show. I was pleased to hear they also had the opportunity to meet with newly appointed Executive Vice President Joe Mask. I hope to also meet in the not too distant future. I was hoping the opportunity would arise in Paraguay at the World Brahman Congress however that too may need to wait.

Wishing American Brahman Breeders all the best over this difficult time of fighting COVID-19. It is quite horrific to see the statistics coming out of America and I hope breeders and ABBA staff and their families remain in good health during this world wide battle against this deadly virus. As we have concern for the animals around us as they are in our care it is nothing to how precious human life and those we love is to our existence.

All the best and kind regards,

Anastasia Fanning
Association Manager Australian Brahman Breeders Association