V8 Ranch Hosts Successful Sale Made for Magic VIII

On October 23-24, 2023, V8 Ranch in Hungerford, Texas, successfully held the Made for Magic VIII auction. The event featured six fall-born heifers with an average sale price of $64,250, underscoring the ranch’s influence in the Brahman cattle sector.

Lot 2, Miss V8 799/9, achieved the highest bid, selling one-half interest for $125,250 to Brant Barnes of 76 Ranch in Timpson, Texas. This heifer is a daughter of the late Mr. V8 891/8 “Pathfinder” and Miss V8 507/7.

Miss V8 841/9 (P), a black polled heifer, was purchased for half-interest at $61,750 by Skipper Williams of Keithville, Louisiana.
Tate Barnes from 76 Ranch secured Miss V8 800/9 for $37,750. This heifer is a daughter of +Mr. V8 146/8 “Sloan” and a full sister to Miss V8 443/9, also owned by Tate Barnes, who was the Reserve Champion Female at the 2023 All American.

Jake and Britt Mathews of Ki Cattle in San Augustine, Texas, bought two heifers, Miss V8 791/9 for $36,000, and Miss V8 803/9 for $25,250, both daughters of +Mr. V8 146/8 “Sloan.” Jerald Rossett of Tecolote Cattle Company in Yorktown, Texas, made his first acquisition in the Made for Magic series, purchasing Miss V8 801/9 for $35,250. This heifer is sired by National Champion +Mr. V8 322/8 and out of International Champion Miss V8 824/8. The auction, with a blend of new and repeat buyers, demonstrated continued interest in V8 Ranch’s Brahman cattle. The ranch, managed by the Williams family for four generations, is preparing for its next auction, Made for Magic IX,
in July 2024.

V8 Ranch Hosts Ranch Social Customer Appreciation Event

On October 28, 2023, V8 Ranch in Hungerford, Texas, hosted a customer appreciation event, the 2023 Ranch Social. This gathering marked the ranch’s first in-person event since the onset of the pandemic, providing a long-awaited opportunity for the Williams family to reconnect with their clientele and friends.

The Ranch Social was a departure from V8 Ranch’s previous large-scale events, embracing a more intimate, family-oriented format. The event welcomed Brahman cattle enthusiasts from Venezuela, Mexico, and six U.S. states, showcasing the close-knit Brahman community. The evening included a unique ‘Moonlit Magic Draw Down Event’, which offered attendees the chance to win a prized V8 Ranch heifer. This initiative was well-received and added excitement to the event, as guests engaged in selecting heifers for their breeding programs.

The presence of +Mr. V8 146/8 “Sloan,” the three-time International Champion Bull, added a special touch to the gathering. Sloan is loved in the Brahman community for his gentle nature and exceptional progeny, and his appearance provided a unique opportunity for interaction and photos. Catering was provided by Caleb Abercrombie of Bar-A-BBQ, known for his expertise in Texas-style barbecue and featured in Texas Monthly. The menu featured a selection of hand carved, slow-cooked meats, complementing the rustic and authentic setting of the ranch. The highlight of the evening was the Moonlit Magic Draw Down, culminating in Brad Gonce winning his choice of a heifer valued at $20,000. This moment underscored the sense of community and camaraderie that the event fostered among the attendees. The Ranch Social marked a joyful return to in-person gatherings and celebrating the shared passion for Brahman cattle.