What can a Brahman F-1 do for you?

“Crossbreeding’s Common Denominator.” What exactly is the value of using Brahman genetic crossed on Bos taurus genetics? In a typical crossbreeding system, you see advantages in calf performance. It has been said that “crossbreds outperform the average of the parents.” However, when using Brahman genetics on British or European (Bos taurus) cows, that advantage in heterosis is essentially doubled. In an industry driven by consumer demand, the Brahman F-1 can provide what the customer wants, and what the commercial cattleman needs to produce that desired product. Below are a few of the main talking points when it comes to the Brahman F-1.

There is no better cross to see immense hybrid vigor expressed than in a Brahman half-blood. Breeding your Brahman cattle to a Bos taurus breed provides incredible increase in highly important traits such as growth, milk, fertility and longevity when compared to other breed crosses and purebreds.

In a recent analysis of special sales, it was shown that ABBA Golden Certified and Certified F-1 females received nearly a $200 premium per head as compared to females of other breed types.

F-1 steers have been proven to have direct advantages in efficiency and average daily gain compared to both other breed crosses and purebred counterparts. In addition, groups of F-1 steers routinely grade with a high percentage of Choice carcasses that are consistently freer of excess fat above average for dressing percentage.

If you’re looking to bolster your F-1 program or even get your foot in the door of the F-1 business, the ABBA offers the simple and affordable F-1 Certification Program that adds tremendous marketing value and end profits to your cattle! There are two options through the ABBA F-1 Certification Program: Golden Certified and Certified. The program also offers flexibility of breeders through permitting the use of registered Brahman bulls on registered or qualified Bos taurus cows, or registered Bos taurus bulls on registered or qualified Brahman cows.

An F-1 animal that is the progeny of two registered parents.

An F-1 animal that is the progeny of a registered sire and qualified dam (purebred, non-registered cow with physical characteristics that have been inspected by an ABBA representative). To qualify purebred, non-registered dams, contact the ABBA office to schedule a live or virtual visual inspection of cattle. The cost to qualify a purebred, non-registered dam is $6/head.

ABBA launched the F-1 Plus program as a way to further promote the Golden Certified/Certified F-1 cow and her influence. The program verifies progeny parentage of ABBA Golden Certified or Certified cows, adding value to both the cow and her off spring. This program is open to all female off spring from a Golden Certified or Certified F-1 cow and a registered beef bull. The program issues a unique ear tag identifying the F-1 Plus female, setting her apart and increasing her value.

Enrollment into the ABBA F-1 Certification Program is simply a one-time enrollment fee of $50 and a $20 annual renewal fee. You can purchase certificates or the famous Golden Certified or Certifi ed tags on females for $7.50/ head, or $10 for the certificate + tag option. For more info, please contact the ABBA office at (979) 485-5528 or at abba@brahman.org.