ABBA International Brahman Sale

The American Brahman Breeders Association held its International Sale on thursday, March 2 in conjunction with the International Brahman Show Activities at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo.

This elite sale that provided members an opportunity to market and purchase superior genetics was well received by those in attendance and online.

The sale consisted of 33 lots of Brahman genetics from breeders in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Texas. The sale arena was packed with over 350 people in attendance with a total of 154 registered buyers in person and online through Cattle in Motion.

The following were the sale averages by category: Overall: $9,207.57 22 Females: $9,229.54 7 Pregnant Recipients: $9,071.43 3 Aspirations: $10,333.33 1 Semen Package (3 straws): $2,100/straw these elite offerings were sold to 32 different breeders from Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Mexico, and Thailand.

Hugo Garay of Mexico was the Volume Buyer with 2 lots purchased.

The high selling lot of the evening was a consignment by Smith Brahmans and Crooked Letter Farms that sold to Scanlan Cattle Company for $15,000.

The sale was managed by Infinity Cattle Services of Houston, Texas with Leo Casas of Beeville, Texas serving as the auctioneer.