From the Desk of the ABBA President

First I would like to welcome everyone to the 2022 National Brahman Show. I hope each of you are able to enjoy some of the great places in Shreveport, Louisiana.

To update you on things regarding the search for an Executive Vice President for the ABBA, I am happy to report that the Executive Committee interviewed one potential candidate and voted to move forward with this person. We then arranged an interview with the Past Presidents’ Council where he was interviewed and they also agreed to move forward with this person.

I will work with this candidate to ensure we can come to an agreement on compensation. If we are able to agree on compensation then I will ask this candidate to speak with the ABBA office personnel. My goal on the office personnel meeting is to ensure our office staff does not see any red flags with regards to working with this person. If all goes well I plan to have the candidate at the meetings during the National Show.

Speaking about the office staff, I wanted to give you my opinion on how things are running in the office. Registrations and transfers are getting completed on time and out the door at a faster pace than in the past. I want to thank the ladies who handle registrations and transfers on an outstanding job in this area.

The same thing can be said about DNA, although some of you may be waiting on DNA results. In most cases the hold up is not from the ABBA office. In many cases we are waiting on replies from breeders and/or the lab. But we are making very good progress on this work.

With regards to the breed improvement and data collection, even though we may not have an EVP the office staff is working hard on all of this.

They are also organizing the 2023 ABBA F1 Sale. We have changed the date, as last year it was in late February and that was a difficult date for some ABBA members to attend the sale. Make sure to join us on April 1, 2023 as we hope to have a better sale this year.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the meeting in Shreveport.

Thank you,
Barry Smith.