Special Thanks to our 2022 Livestream and Photo Sponsors

The Brahman Journal Team traveled the globe in 2022 covering Brahman events around the world. From the USA to Paraguay, and lots of countries in between, we did what we love to do, show the world great Brahman cattle!

Our Facebook page reached almost 5 million people around the world this year and none of this would be possible without the help of our sponsors.

SPECIAL thanks to all the sponsors and patrons who have been with us every step of our journey. Your support allowed us to show the whole world Brahman cattle from around the globe.

We offered free photos to breeders at many of the events we covered and livestreamed the events to our Facebook and website when internet allowed.

When I bought the magazine in 2002 we did not even have a website. Twenty years and lots of airline miles later, we have evolved to what we are today – the number one magazine and media outlet for Brahman cattle.

In addition to thanking the great sponsors that support The Brahman Journal team, I need to recognize that none of this would be possible with the amazing team we have at The Brahman Journal. While pretty much everyone works on everything we do here at The Brahman Journal and are passionate about this great breed, they all have their specialties.

Mandy Chambers-McDermott keeps the magazine creative and interesting and makes sure we hit our press deadlines. She creates beautiful ads, signage, assists with all the sale social media posting and so much more.

Emily Otto covers special projects, such as the layout of the Louisiana Cattleman’s magazine and designs beautiful sale catalogs, packaging, feed bags, ads, logos and pretty much any specialty design project.

Iran Ramos is our “go to guy” for both the creative and the technical aspect of websites. He also is great “driving” all the remote cameras during the livestream as well as talking about the event when I get busy. He also helps with translation and is always ready to jump in and help the team with whatever we need.

Brandalyn Bishop-Wynn grew up in the Brahman breed and started working with the team part time while she was still in school. She covered all the shows around the USA. Now she travels around the globe with the team taking great photos and videos. She works with the sale sites and can write footnotes with the best in the business! She works on ads, websites, graphics and anything else the team may need help with!

Massiel Miranda has been with the team since 2018. She is a creative genius and a great artist. She keeps the ads looking fresh and beautiful, works on our social media graphics, e-mail blasts, websites and translations too. She is one creative gal!

Julia Cooper is the office manager and does a great job of keeping us all on track. From accounting to subscriptions to proofing the magazine and answering the phone, she does a great job of keeping all of us headed in the right direction.

Alyssa Doucet joined the team in May of 2021 and hit the ground running. She works on just about everything and anything. She is a talented photographer, designer, awesome with the sale sites and great proof reader too!

Thank you all for your support and teamwork!

Victoria Lambert

Thank you to our sponsors!

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