October ABBA News

The ABBA Performance Tested Bull Program concluded its 120-day gain test on Thursday, September 14. Forty bulls were weighed and scored for disposition. In addition, a panel of commercial cattlemen organized by the extension agency were assembled and judged the bulls on their structure.
The bulls will be fertility-tested on October 11 and will then be ranked based on a variety of important traits.
Approximately 30 of these bulls will be offered for sale on cattleinmotion.com October 24-26.
Buyers will have all the information gathered during the test including ultrasound measurements (REA, IMF, Rump Fat and Back Fat), start weight, finish weight, average daily gain, frame score, scrotal circumference and DNA Panel results from NeoGen GeneSeek.

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ABBA Registry moves to Houston
Effective September 1, 2017, the ABBA Registry will move to the Houston office. Work will no longer be outsourced to ABRA in Kansas City. All registrations, transfers, memberships, etc. will be processed at the ABBA office. In order to accommodate the registry, the ABBA office has moved to a larger suite (SUITE 500) located in the same building. Therefore, members are to send all correspondence and work to be processed to:
American Brahman Breeders Association 3003 S Loop West, SUITE 500 Houston, TX 77054
If you have any questions regarding work please contact the ABBA office at 713-349-0854.

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