Weight & Measurement Parameters & Rules for the 2021 International Brahman Show

ABBA Show Committee Announces Weight & Measurement Parameters & Rules for the 2021 International Brahman Show

To improve the uniformity of the show ring, the ABBA Show Committee recently met and approved the Weight and Measurement Parameters for the 2021 International Brahman Show to be held during the Brahman show in Waco, Texas. The Show Committee will continue to monitor the weights and hip heights at the conclusion of each show and has the option to adjust these as needed. The following are the rules associated with the weight and measurement program:

  1. Cattle at the 2021 International Show will be weighed (tentative schedule) on Wednesday, March 24, starting at 9:00 AM.
  2. All animals in the Calf Division must meet the weight and measure parameters at the International Brahman Show.
  3. Any animal that exceeds the weights and measures parameters at the National, International or any other show that has official weights and measures, that animal will be ineligible for that show and any other approved ABBA shows until the next show that weights and measures are taken when they can re-qualify. If an animal who weighs or measures out and shows before re-qualifying, that animal will be disqualified for the remainder of their show career.
  4. Any animal that does not meet the weight or measurement parameter must be re-weighed or remeasured immediately after coming off the scale only one time at the scale previously weighed/ measured on for qualification.
  5. The hip height measurement will be taken directly over the hook bone.