31st National F1 & TBA Brahman Female Sale


CALDWELL, TEXAS (March 17, 2018) – The 31st Annual American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) National F1 and Texas Brahman Association Brahman Female Sale showed a high demand for Brahman and Brahman-influenced replacement genetics as more than 275 cattle producers were in attendance on March 17, 2018, at Caldwell Livestock Commission.

More than 170 registered buyers considered the top-quality offering of ABBA Golden Certified or Certified F1 females, registered and purebred Brahman females, Hereford females, and breeding-age bulls. The sale was broad cast live online with Cattle in Motion and attracted 75 online registered buyers who were active bidders throughout the entire sale.


Each F1 female consignment was judged by well-known cattle producers and industry professionals. Champion F1 pairs ($3,600/head) was awarded to John Malazzo Farms of Caldwell, Texas; champion F1 Bred ($2,500 /head) was awarded to Royal K Ranch of Caldwell, Texas; champion open F1 pen ($1,800 /head) was awarded to Morgan Family Cattle Co. of Lexington, Texas; and champion F1 exposed ($3,250 /head) was awarded to John Malazzo Farms of Caldwell, Texas.

H&M Cattle Co. of Wharton, Texas, consigned the top selling pairs of Golden Certified F1 Brahman x Polled Hereford with Angus calves at side, ringing in $3,700 each. This set was also recognized as honorable mention in the F1 judging. Eighty-four Golden Certified and Certified F1 Brahman x Hereford pairs sold for an average of $2,713 each, and two Golden Certified F1 Brahman x Angus pairs averaged $2,550 per head.

A total of 54 F1 Brahman x Hereford bred females averaged $1,982 each, and the F1 Brahman x Angus bred females averaged $1,920 each.

In the exposed offering, a large group of 140 head of Golden Certified and Certified F1 Hereford x Brahman females exposed to Angus bulls averaged $2,419 per head. The high selling pen sold for $3,400 each, which were consigned by John Malazzo Farms.

The open F1 Brahman x Hereford females averaged $1,664 each with the top pen from Rolling Oaks of Milano, Texas selling for $2,600 each.

A high demand for Brahman females was evident as the winning  pen of open Brahman females from Bar W Ranch of Devine, Texas, brought $4,950 per head. The open Brahman females averaged $3,357 per head. A special consignment in this sale was a pen of registered open Hereford heifers from Weil Cattle Company with 8 units of sexed female semen on HK Visa Volunteer 224. This pen sold for $2,650 each.

In appreciation to the many years of support to not only the ABBA National F1 Sale, but also the Brahman and commercial cattle industries, the sale was dedicated to longtime F1 producer Robbie Hamilton of H&M Cattle Co. From the inaugural ABBA National F1 sale in 1988, H&M Cattle Co. of Wharton, Texas, has consigned cattle every year. Hamilton also consigns cattle to the prestigious stock show sales in Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Houston.

The official averages for the 2018 ABBA National F1 and TBA Brahman Female Sale are as follows:

F1 Pairs
F1 Brahman x Hereford $2,713
F1 Brahman x Angus $2,550
F1 Bred
F1 Brahman x Hereford $1,982
F1 Brahman x Angus $1,920
F1 Exposed
F1 Brahman x Hereford $2,419
F1 Brahman x Angus $1,613
F1 Open
F1 Brahman x Hereford $1,664
F1 Brahman x Angus $1,616
F1 Brahman x Gelbvieh $1,453
Brahman Pairs $3,800
Brahman Breds $3,629
Brahman Opens $3,357
Registered Hereford
Open $1,913


Purebred Hereford
Pairs $2,000
Bred $1,713
Open $1, 206
Purebred Angus
Pairs $1,800
Open $1,050
Hereford Bulls $3,525
Brahman Bulls $3,950