AJBA Members are now part of the Magazine Club

The Brahman Journal is proud to offer a special Membership level to the AJBA members to have access to the past three year’s editions of the magazines and the current year’s magazines. Our team have set up an account for each member and only they will be able to purchase this level with a special price. This will help all AJBA members to get The Brahman Journal content to study and learn more about the Brahman world.

Follow these instruction to get access:

  1. Please go to Login Page
    You can find the login page button at the top of the Brahman Journal website.AJBA Login access
  2. We sent the access information by email. If you didn’t receive it, please call The Brahman Journal Office or email us requesting the access information for your account.
  3. If this is the first time accessing to the Magazine Club, you must do step 3. If it is not your first time, jump to step 4. Click the Profile icon and type a new password. Recommendations – use a strong password and don’t share it with anyone. This account is just for you. Make sure your email and name are correct, if not type the correct information.AJBA profile page
  4. Click on the AJBA Member tab. Now you can view the current magazine FREE during the first 15 days of each month by clicking the Current FREE Magazine square.AJBA membership product
  5. If you want to check out more magazines you can purchase a special membership level. This membership level is just for AJBA members, you can purchase it by clicking the blue square.
  6. Click Add to Cart and then View CartAJBA add to cart page
  7. Click Proceed to check out.AJBA Proceed to check out
  8. Before purchasing your membership, ask your parents for permission and for help. Then fill out the Billing details and add the credit card information requested at the bottom of the page. Finally, Place the order.AJBA Place order

Now you can go back to the AJBA member tab on your Account page (you can go to your account page by clicking here and you can also find the Account page at the top of the Brahman Journal website)

AJBA three years magazines

Click AJBA 3 Years Magazine square and enjoy reading the past three year’s editions of the magazines and the current year’s magazines.

AJBA magazines

When you’re finished reading, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you LOGOUT from your account.

To do it you have two options:

  • Click the logout button at the top of the Brahman Journal website.AJBA Logout top
  • Click the logout button on your account page.AJBA logout 2

For more information about TBJ Magazine Club call The Brahman Journal office at 979-826-4347 or email

Visit AJBA Page for more information about the AJBA membership and more articles.