Color Classification Rule Effective 2018

At the time of registration, the breeder shall select the animal’s color based upon the predominant physical coloring of the animal’s hair. For non-show animals, this is the extent of classification.

For animals exhibited in ABBA approved shows, the following rules will apply:

  1. The ABBA color chart will serve as the official breed resource for identifying the proper hair coat of registered Brahman cattle. Click here to see attached Charts.
  2. In order to show in the red show, an animal must have a minimum of 3 red ancestors in their 3 generation pedigree. An animal with less than 7 out of 14 red ancestors in the 3 generation pedigree may not show until color classified.
  3. Animals will be color classified by the ABBA Color Committee in order to compete at the International, National, Kick-Off Classic and All American shows. The Show Committee also has the right to color classify at any ABBA Approved Show unannounced.
  4. The ABBA Color Committee shall consist of 3 primary members and 2 alternates, all with experience in the beef industry and with at least 2 of the members being ABBA directors that are non-showing members. The committee will be appointed by the ABBA President and will serve for the full show year.
  5. Animals will be color classified by their predominant hair color based on the ABBA color chart.
  6. Only if an animal is unable to be classified based upon the ABBA color chart, the animal’s pedigree may be used to aid in color classification.
  7. Once classified, the animal’s paper will be stamped with the color classification and remain in that classification throughout their show career. Appeals can be sent to the executive committee within 30 days.
  8. If any animal is reclassified by the color committee, the ABBA must provide corrected papers to the current owner of that animal within 30 days of the reclassification at the owner’s expense.
  9. Animals shown in group classes must show in the group class of the registered color of their sire for the Get-of-Sire and the registered color of their dam for the Produce-of-Dam (ET & Natural).
  10. Both the exhibitor and owner of an animal that is shown in the wrong color division after being color classified will be ineligible to show any animals for 13 months following the infraction. The animal in violation will be disqualified for its entire show career and will forfeit all Register of Renown points.
  11. Any ABBA member or exhibitor has the right to protest the color classification of any animal at any ABBA Approved Show to the Show Committee in writing within 30 days. Any animals already stamped with a color classification will not be reclassified.

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