Photo Contest Finalists #mybrahmanjournalcover

The #mybrahmanjournalcover Facebook Photo Contest received 278 entries from around the world! There were so many amazing entries that we decided to award TWO covers, instead of just one! We divided the contest finalists into two categories: “Brahman Photos” and “People and Brahmans.” The final winner in each category was chosen based on the number of likes the photo received on Facebook with one like equaling one vote. A huge thank you to everyone who participated, and congratulations to the winners!

People & Brahman

winner1-Photo Contest Finalists - #mybrahmanjournalcover
Congratulations to Benton England on submitting the winning photo in the “People and Brahmans” category! Martin Aaron Carrasco Photography captured this awesome image of Kiran Abrigo with an England Cattle Company bull.

Brahman Photos

winner2-Photo Contest Finalists - #mybrahmanjournalcover
Congratulations to Pamela Anne Ferrara Wyble on submitting the winning entry in the “Brahman Photo” category! This picture was taken by Martha Courville Taylor with Timeless Photography at Wyble Estate Farms owned by Pamela and Clint Wyble.

#mybrahmanjournalcover Photo Contest Semifinalists