Vanguard Cows of the ABBA

Receiving the “Vanguard” designation in the ABBA is the most prestigious accomplishment a Brahman cow can achieve. Vanguard status is indicated by the symbol $ preceding a dam’s name in the ABBA registry.

The Vanguard program was created in 2001 by the Research and Breed Improvement Committee commonly known as the “Performance Committee.”

In the history of the ABBA, only 16 cows have been deemed worthy of the Vanguard title. A Vanguard cow must achieve both Register of Renown and Maternal Merit status.

The Register of Renown program was designed to recognize the sires and dams of show ring winners at ABBA approved shows. To obtain the status of Register of Renown, a cow must gain a minimum of 75 points earned by two or more of her produce.

Dams with the Maternal Merit rank are superior females identified through participation in the BHIR program as having an early onset of puberty, a regular calving interval and consistently producing offspring that perform above average.

Below is a list of all the cows that have ascended Vanguard status and don the coveted $ symbol.

Complete list of Vanguard Females