Box R Caney Creek – A Family Affair

Al and Pam Rogers had been involved in the commercial cattle industry for many years as Box R Cattle. When their daughters Tera and Kimm said they wanted to start showing cattle in competitions, the focus of the ranch changed a little from just commercial cattle to commercial and show cattle. Al had always concentrated on sound, structurally correct cattle and with that type of cattle he felt like a very successful show career could be created for his daughters.

“If they wanted to show, then we were gonna show,” explained Al. “I wanted to do it right, and I wanted to make sure that we would do it in a way that involved the whole family.”

Their daughters, Tera and Kimm, ended up being successful in winning Breed Champion in 1995 and 1996 at the Ft. Worth Stock Show. The girls were showing long-haired cattle and doing a great job, but Al saw no matter how hard they tried to get the right look the climate in Normangee, Texas was holding them back.

“We had good cows that did well,” Al said, “but they were not the type of cattle that fits best in our Texas environment.”

While at Sam Houston University their daughter Kimm met and married Mark Tesch, a third generation Brahman breeder from Sealy, Texas. Mark and Kimm made their new home together close to Al and Pam in Normangee. Mark continue breeding Brahman cattle at their new ranch “Caney Creek,” named after the creek running through their land. Al had changed the focus of his herd to Brahman and living so close together allowed Al and Mark to work together on their herds.

In his search for exceptional and functional cattle Al had the opportunity in 2007 to purchase +JDH LADY SANDY MANSO 301/7 (a Madison daughter) and JDH LADY BARBRA MANSO 302/7 (a Liberty daughter). These two cows ended up being the foundation of Box R Caney Creek Cattle and helped Al with his vision of producing the very best Brahman cattle.

Mark was not the only son-in-law that got involved with the family business. While at Texas A&M University, their other daughter Tera met and married John Philips, who had an interest in Registered Santa Gertrudis. The two moved to Normangee and established JTP Cattle Company.

Family is one of the most important things to the Rogers. Having their daughters and their families so close has allowed them to continue the business as a family affair. When their grandkids started to get old enough to show, the Rogers were there every step of the way.

“Showing as a family is wonderful! It has allowed us to spend time with our kids and then our grandkids,” Pam Rogers said. “Showing set a good example for them as they grew up.”

In the past year as the grandkids got older and moved on to other things, the Rogers decided to start showing at Open Brahman shows. They have been showing BOX R MR CC 154/8 “Rocket”, BOX R MR CC 155/8 “Roswell”, and BOX R MR. CC 159/8 “Fred” which have been very successful. These young bulls have been part of the group that have brought home Champion Get-Of-Sire awards at some top ABBA shows such as Bluebonnet Kick Off Classic and Ft. Worth Stock Show to name a few.

While Box R Caney Creek has some amazing bull power, it is their females they take the most pride in. When breeding they focus on good disposition, fertility, and structural soundness. They have quite a few +JDH MR ELMO MANSO 309/4 daughters they have decided to keep in their herd. Elmo daughters are known for their fertility and for being “great momma cows” to all their offspring. Box R Caney Creek females are known for being gentle, maternal cows with a foundation of superior genetics.

“We are very genetics driven, always looking for the best genetics available,” explained Al. “Our use of embryo transfer has really allowed us to take advantage of the best genetics in our breeding program and lets us sell some really well-bred young show and donor prospects.”

The third annual 4T and Box R Caney Creek “Family Traditions” sale will be held online this year April 3rd through the 5th, offering Brahman and F1 cattle.

“When they had their first online sale in 2018, some people were not exactly sure who were these new breeders, Box R Caney Creek Cattle,” said Victoria Lambert, owner of The Brahman Journal. “Yet all one had to do was look at their cow herd and you would know that Box R Caney Creek have some great Brahman cattle that have had a big impact on the Brahman world. Just to point out one cow, +JDH LADY SANDY MANSO is the dam of some tremendous Brahmans, including JDH SIR STRATTON MANSO 823/4 owned by J.D.H.-Locke Div. and Moreno Ranches; JDH MR SAXON MANSO 824/4 owned by J.D.H.-Locke Div. and Box R Cattle; +JSH MR TESCH MANSO 791/4 owned by Collins Brahmans; +JDH LADY MIFFANY MANSO 447/4, one of the breeds top females for producing ABBA Register of Renown progeny owned by Satterfield Ranch and Dyess Farms.”

The sale name of “Family Traditions” really fits the sale because the whole family gets on board with making sure it runs as smoothly as possible.

“It is a great sale with great cattle,” Pam said. “It is something we look forward to every year as a family.”

To learn more about the “Family Traditions” sale or how to contact Box R Caney Creek visit their website at