Vanguard 2019 Inductee (+)JDH Woodson de Manso 206/7

Receiving the “Vanguard” designation in the ABBA is the most prestigious accomplishment a Brahman bull can achieve. Vanguard status is indicated by the symbol (+) preceding a sire’s name in the ABBA registry.

A Vanguard bull is a sire that has earned both Register of Renown and Maternal Performance Sire status. Not only have these bulls produced progeny that garner championships in the showring, they have also sired multiple Maternal Merit cows. Dams with the Maternal Merit rank are superior females identified through participation in the BHIR program as having an early onset of puberty, a regular calving interval and consistently producing offspring that perform above average.

In the history of the breed’s registry, only 25 bulls have obtained Vanguard status. The most recent addition to this esteemed list is (+)JDH WOODSON DE MANSO 206/7.

The (+)JDH WOODSON DE MANSO 206/7 bull is a product of the J.D. Hudgins, Inc. breeding program and is currently co-owned by the J.D. Hudgins – Hudgins Division and the J.D. Hudgins – William L. Hudgins Division, both of Hungerford, Texas, and Satterfield Ranch of Palestine, Texas.

This 2004 bull was a standout since birth. During his show career, he won the 2004 National and 2005 International Grand Champion titles. Woodson has a royal pedigree and was truly bred in the purple. He goes back to a number of champion sires including (+)JDH MR WOODMAN MANSO 578/6 (the 2001 and 2002 National and 2003 International Champion), (=)JDH PRESCOT MANSO 82/6 (the 2000 International Champion), (+)JDH SIR LIBERTY MANSO 847/5 (the 1999 International Champion), and (+)JDH MADISON DE MANSO 737/4 (the 1993 International Champion). “Woodson has outstanding conformation with lots of eye appeal, soundness and muscling throughout,” Bob Hudgins said. “And he produces his type – his calves are mostly moderate with lots of length, clean lines, thickness in the rear and tons of capacity.” According to Bill Hudgins, Woodson has also produced champions across the globe.

“His offspring have done extremely well throughout Latin American and Thailand,” Bill said.

Here in the United Stated he has produced numerous National and International Champion bulls including JDH DOMINO MANSO 200/8 (the 2012 National Reserve Champion), JDH GENE MANSO 177/8 (the 2013 International Champion), JDH CLANTON DE MANSO 313/8 (the 2014 International Champion and 2013 National Champion), JDH MORGAN DE MANSO 582/8 (the 2015 International Reserve Champion), JDH SIR JACOB MANSO 678/8 (the 2016 International Reserve Champion) and MR SNS MIGHTY MOUSE 295/6 (the 2018 National Reserve Champion) just to name a few.

So far (+)JDH WOODSON DE MANSO 206/7 has produced four Maternal Merit daughters for the Hudgins herd with two being inducted this year.

“We are retaining a lot of Woodson daughters as they are really good milkers and calves with him in the third-generation spot have had large weaning weights,” Neil Hudgins said.

(+)JDH WOODSON DE MANSO 206/7 has left a big mark on the Brahman breed in a very short time. Be sure to keep an eye out for his offspring as they exhibit at the International Show this year!

2018 HK Memorial Trophy goes to V8 Ranch 

V8 Ranch will be awarded the HK Trophy at the 2019 ABBA Membership Meeting at the Houston International Show.

The HK Memorial Trophy is presented each year in memory of Mr. Henry Clay Koontz. This award was first presented in 1986 after the tragic death of Mr. Koontz who was a long time breeder and promoter of Brahman cattle. The trophy is a bronze casting of the National Champion Bull, +HK Mr. America 61/9, better known as “Millionaire”. This bull had one of the biggest impacts on the Brahman breed of any bull in history. Each year this award is presented to the ranch or individual who accumulates the most points at the previous year’s International Brahman Show.

HK Trophy points are tabulated as follows: Seven points to champion bull and cow; Five points to reserve champion bull and cow; Five points to each division champion (calf, junior, intermediate and senior); Three points to each division reserve champion; Two points to each class winner; Five points to the exhibitor of the first place winners of the Produce-ofDam, Embryo-Produce-ofDam, and Get-of-Sire classes. In case of a tie, one point will be awarded to the second place class winner of both sex divisions. In cases of multiple owned animals, points will be evenly divided amongst all owners.