ABBA Friend of the Year – Texana Feeders

Texana Feeders, Ltd. located in Floresville, Texas has been awarded the 2020 ABBA Brahman Friend of the Year. Jason Peeler, owner and operator of Texana, has been working with Brahman breeders for almost 17 years. As many breeders will remember, last year both the ABBA Bull Test and the ABBA Carcass Contest animals were housed at Texana.

“I really appreciate being honored with this award,” Peeler expressed. “I have a lot of friends in the industry and have been able to meet cattlemen from surrounding states who are Brahman breeders.”

Peeler graduated from Texas A&M with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics and worked a short time as a banker, but he missed the agricultural environment that he grew up in and wanted to return to his roots of raising cattle. So in 2001, Peeler left the banking business behind and became the owner of Texana Feeders. He has grown the operation to handle a couple hundred head of cattle coming in and going out per week. The sources of the cattle Peeler finishes are cattle purchased from all over south, central, and southeast Texas, as well as Florida and Louisiana. About 75% of the cattle Peeler finishes out are 3/8 Brahman and they are either from ranchers wanting to finish out their herd or cattle that have been purchased at sale barns.

“Good South Texas crossbred cattle are fed here,” Peeler said, “and I hope to continue to see the progression of the breed.”

In addition to being the owner of Texana Feeders, Ltd., Peeler is also on the board of the Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association and the Cattlemen’s Beef Port. He is a true friend to the Brahman breed and continues to help breeders.