ABBA F1 Sale Dedication – Henry & Mary Catherine Novak

The 2019 ABBA National F1 and TBA Brahman Female Sale will be dedicated to long-time ABBA members Henry and Mary Catherine Novak.

2019 February – Brahman Journal


2019 January – Brahman Journal


The “Steaks” are High to Produce Healthier foods and Bos Indicus Cattle may Have...

For years, Bos indicus influenced cattle have received a bad rap for their less-marbled beef product.

2018 Fall Trait Leaders

The trait leader information has been adapted from information provided by the ABBA.

Bos Indicus Cattle & A2 Milk

The speed at which the A2 milk phenomenon is becoming a global market contender is increasingly a force to be reckoned with.

2018 Deep South Field Day

The event was hugely successful with more than 80 Brahman enthusiasts in attendance from Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida.

Neogen Acquires Livestock Genetic Services

On September 4, the Neogen Corporation announced that it had acquired the assets of Livestock Genetic Services (LGS)

ABBA October Office Update

Neogen Acquires Livestock Genetic Services
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