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Nacional de Cebu Red Brahman Champions

In celebration of the 2021 National Cebu Fair in Mexico, the following pages have been dedicated to honoring Mexican breeders and their cattle. It...

2021 XXIII Exposición Nacional de Ganado Brahman

Click here to view the 2021 XXIII Exposición Nacional de Ganado Brahman show results

Ganadería La Huasteca Field Day

As part of the XXIII National Brahman Exhibition in Tampico Tamaulipas, Mexico, Primo Castillo...

Three Nations Sale – A Historic Online Sale Event

The idea all started on an extremely hot afternoon while enjoying the view of a bunch of Red Brahman cows in the pasture that were royally bred...
FI 2020 MUESTRA internacional de cebu mexicano

Muestra Internacional Cebu Mexicano – Catalogo de Subasta

Catalogo de Subasta! Los eventos serán del 7 al 11 de Diciembre de 2020.

Resultado de Subasta – Brahman Selecto MX

La histórica subasta Brahman Selecto MX cerró el 26 de Septiembre en la plataforma virtual Best Cattle Sales organizada por The Brahman Journal...

Brahman Selecto MX – Sale Results

The historic Brahman Selecto MX Sale closed out September 26 on the Best Cattle Sales Online platform hosted by The Brahman Journal...

Paving The Way To Import Cattle To Mexico

Trading cattle with Mexico is no new phenomena, as Mexico ships nearly a million head of steers annually to the United States..

Letter From the Australian Brahman Breeders Association

Dear American Brahman Breeders Association...

Brahmans Exported to Peru

Exporting cattle internationally is no simple task. Even in the best of times there is a lot involved in the exporting process...
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