International Show Dedication – Ed Cullers

The 2019 ABBA International Brahman Show is dedicated to long-time Brahman ambassador, champion breeder and former ABBA President Ed Cullers.

“With this dedication, Ed Cullers is being recognized for his many years of service to the ABBA,” Recording Secretary Armelinda Ibarra said. “He has travelled many miles domestically and internationally to promote the Brahman breed, and this year he will also be presented with his pen for 40 years of service to the association.”

An ABBA member since 1970 and an ABBA Director since 1979, Ed has spent many years acting as an ambassador and steward of the Brahman breed. He was a widely respected judge from 1970 to 2014 and served as president of the association from 1991 to 1993. During his tenure in office, he was active in developing the ABBA’s relationships
with other countries and establishing the American Brahman’s position in the global marketplace. He visited 24 countries promoting the breed and played a pivotal role in orchestrating the sale of more than 1500 head of Brahman cattle to Thailand.

Ed grew up in Bryson, Texas. As a young adult, he graduated from Abilene Christian University in 1960 with a degree in Agriculture, served in the Army and worked for the Humble Oil Company. He married his beloved wife Frances Koonce in 1961. Frances is the daughter of Temple Koonce and the great granddaughter of J.D. Hudgins. The couple lived happily together in Lubbock until 1968. At that time, his father-in-law asked Ed to help him with his Brahman operation. After much deliberation, the Cullers moved to Hungerford and worked diligently to develop the renowned Koonce-Cullers Division of J.D. Hudgins, Inc. Ed continued working with J.D. Hudgins for more than 30 years. He and Frances had three children – Julie, Joy and Judd. In 1998, Ed decided to break away from the Hudgins Corporation and moved his family down the road a little way, creating Heritage Cattle Company.

Since this is the International Show dedication, it is important to note that Ed has raised some outstanding International Champions over the years, including the 1984 International Grand Champion Bull (+)JDH Atari Manso 601/1 and the 1992 International Grand Champion Bull +JDH Mr. Union Manso 455, which sold to Colombia for $130,000!

Ed retired from the Brahman business in 2012 and moved with his wife to Kaufman, Texas.

Outside of the cattle operation, Ed’s friend Rodney Joy got him into the banking business in 1985 and he continues serve on the First Security Bank Board. He and Frances are also very active in their church and participating in local charity work. The couple volunteers two days every week to help feed the needy.

The International Show dedication ceremony will take place during the Female Show on Thursday, February 28. Join the ABBA in honoring Ed Cullers’ many years of service to the American Brahman breed!

El Show Internacional de Brahman de la ABBA 2019 está dedicado al embajador de Brahman, criador de campeones y ex presidente de ABBA, Ed Cullers.

“Con esta dedicación, Ed Cullers está siendo reconocido por sus muchos años de servicio en la ABBA”, dijo la secretaria de registro Armelinda Ibarra. “Ha viajado muchas millas a nivel nacional e internacional para promover la raza Brahman, y este año también se le presentará su pluma por 40 años de servicio a la asociación”.

Miembro de la ABBA desde 1970 y director de ABBA desde 1979, Ed ha pasado

muchos años como embajador y administrador de la raza Brahman. Fue un juez muy respetado desde 1970 hasta 2014 y se desempeñó como presidente de la asociación desde 1991 hasta 1993. Durante su mandato en el cargo, participó activamente en el desarrollo de las relaciones de ABBA con otros países y en el establecimiento de la posición del Brahman estadounidense en el mercado global. Visitó 24 países promoviendo la raza y desempeñó un papel fundamental en la organización de la venta de más de 1500 cabezas de ganado Brahman a Tailandia.