The times are changing, and like you, we are working hard to keep up with them. Our new site has all the bells and whistles, and we truly hope that it will be every Brahman breeder and Brahman enthusiast’s first place to go for all things Brahman.

Domestic and international Brahman enthusiasts and Brahman breeders can read the digital version of the Brahman Journal magazine as well as online articles about the cattle industry and news posts from our American Brahman blog, the Brahman Exchange. The American Brahman blog or Brahman Exchange is a place where all voices can be heard about Brahman cattle. Brahman breeder's concerns, ideas, thoughts and news can be found on the American Brahman Blog or Brahman Exchange, and we invite Brahman breeders and Brahman enthusiasts worldwide to get involved and give us your news, ideas and stories. Whether you own 2,000 Brahman cattle or just love this great breed of Brahman cattle, we want to hear from you!  Here at The Brahman Journal all Brahman lovers are created equal and should have a voice – so The Brahman Journal's American Brahman Blog is for you! Get involved and help us exchange ideas about American Brahman cattle!

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Another cool feature of The Brahman Journal website is that Brahman Breeders worldwide can also conduct American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) animal and member inquiries. We know that American Brahman breeders are busy and don’t have time to waste, so come on in and get your news and info all in one place. We think international Brahman breeders and American Brahman breeders alike will enjoy this feature. Of course, the American Brahman Breeders website is there for you too – with lots of exciting news about Brahman cattle – so make sure you visit the American Brahman Breeders Association website on a regular basis.

Looking for all the latest news about Brahman shows, Brahman show results, Brahman sales, Brahman sale reports, Brahman breeder's videos and Brahman cattle videos with a constantly updated calendar so you can stay on top of your game and know what’s going on in the Brahman world? You have come to the right place, The Brahman Journal website.

With a searchable website it is easy to find the Brahman news and information about Brahman cattle you are looking for. Just click in the search bar and type in the information you are looking for, and presto you can find what you need – all things Brahman!

Brahmans are our passion, and our goal is to share this incredible breed with the world. The Brahman Journal magazine is delivered to Red Brahman and Gray Brahman breeders, Brahman enthusiasts and Brahman owners across the globe. It is the number one Cebu magazine in the world with hard copy magazines distributed in more than 52 countries and online readers of The Brahman Journal in more than 79 countries. The Brahman Journal is The Official Publication of The American Brahman Breeders Association, and as such, provides timely, useful information about one of the largest, most dynamic and most influential breeds of beef cattle in the world.

In each issue, the Brahman Journal reports on Brahman shows, Brahman events, Brahman sales and Brahman history, as well as pertinent cattle industry news, technical articles and the latest research as it pertains to the Brahman Breed and its followers. So pick up a Brahman Journal or log on to the today, and know that you are plugged in to the Brahman world!

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