Weight & Measurement Parameters/Rules for the 2017 National Brahman Show

Find here the rules associated with the weight and measurement program.

New ABBA Executive Vice President Bill Bunce

The ABBA recently announced who will be taking on the role of Executive Vice President this fall.

2017 September ABBA News

Don't miss any News from the ABBA. Click here to see them.

2017 August ABBA News

ABBA Registry moves to the Houston Office, ABBA Membership Convention and more.

Florida Field Day & FBA Heifer Sale

Kempfer Cattle Company of St Cloud, Florida hosted the annual Florida Field Day and Florida Brahman Association (FBA) Heifer Sale on April 29, 2017. Read more...

ABBA International Brahman Performance Summit

The ABBA International Brahman Performance Summit was held May 5, 2017 in Overton, Texas. The summit was a group effort by the ABBA Research and Breed Improvement (Performance) and the International Committees.

Board of Directors Meeting Summaries

The Last Board of Directors Meeting was handled in Overton, Texas on May 6, 2017. Read here the Summaries of the Meeting.

Vietnam, an Emerging Red Brahman Market

Vietnamese breeders are importing bulls and looking to utilize American Brahman genetics and husbandry techniques on a larger scale. The ABBA and the Holstein Association USA (HAUSA) conducted a successful trade mission to Vietnam October 29-November 7, 2016.

Pruebas de ADN para tus Brahman

The American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) has updated their DNA-testing procedures and now offers multiple user-friendly ways to initiate the bovine parent verification process.

30th Annual ABBA National F1 Sale shows High Demand for Replacement Genetics.

The 30th Annual American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) National F1 and Texas Brahman Association Brahman Female Sale attracted more than 350 people to Caldwell, Texas, as more than 650 head of replacement females and bulls were sold on March 18, 2017.
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