Annual Marsha Swaner Perpetual Trophy Award

At the 2020 ABBA National Show held in Shreveport, Louisiana November 3 to 7, the second-ever Marsha Swaner Perpetual Trophy Award was awarded...

Keep The Quality Up & Something Special Sale

Butler Farms and Clem Ranch teamed up to offer a stellar group of rare Bos indicus cattle in the “Keep the Quality Up and Something Special” Cebu Online Sale...

Hurricane Laura Junior Brahman Influence Relief Fund

This fall was a devastating time for the Louisiana Gulf Coast region...
FI 2020 Top Producing Gray Dams

Top Producing Gray Dams by number of progeny

This is a list of Gray Brahman dams who have the most progeny registered as of August 2020.
FI 2020 Top Producing Red Dams

Top Producing Red Dams by number of progeny

The data on this page is about dams that are classified as red by the ABBA with the most progeny registered through August 2020.

Brahman Selecto MX – Sale Results

The historic Brahman Selecto MX Sale closed out September 26 on the Best Cattle Sales Online platform hosted by The Brahman Journal...

Breed to Succeed Online Auction – Raising funds for the all American

All proceeds will go to financing the 2021 American Junior Brahman Association’s “All American” National Show..

2 Diamond P Cattle 3rd Annual Pursuit of Perfection Online Sale

2 Diamond P Cattle of Mathews, Alabama held their Third Annual Pursuit of Perfection Online Sale..

Queens of the ABBA National Shows

Since the ABBA National Show will be held in November, we felt it was a good time to honor the "Queens" of the ABBA National Show!

Principales hembras grises en el registro de renombre de ABBA

Esta es una lista de las madres Brahman Gris (color clasificado por la ABBA) que están clasificadas por número de puntos en el Registro de Renombre de la ABBA.
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