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31st National F1 & TBA Brahman Female Sale

The sale showed a high demand for Brahman and Brahman-influenced replacement genetics... read more...

Vanguard Bulls 2018 Inductees

Receiving the “Vanguard” designation in the ABBA is the most prestigious accomplishment a Brahman bull can achieve...

Most Registered Progeny – Red Herd Sires (2013-2017)

Click here to check it out.

Most Registered Progeny by Herd Sires 2017

Click here to check it out.

Most Registered Progeny-Gray Herd Sires 2013-2017

Click here to see the list of the Gray Brahman bulls with the most progeny registered

The International Brahman Research Foundation (IBRF)

“We are looking to support practical research projects that can be done for under $10,000 that will make a marked difference on the breed”...

2017 ABBA F1 Sale Dedication

2017 ABBA F1 SALE DEDICATION This year’s ABBA National F-1 Female Sale is being dedicated to Jon Weil of Livonia, Louisiana and Irene, Texas, a...
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